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If You Like: Once Upon a Time

I love getting recommendations based on what I already know and like. It is easy, too, because most sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify will give you recommendations based on what you have previously watched or listened. However, these recommendations are often flawed because they are limited within that line of media. What I often look for is some inter-media recommendation, such as TV shows to books, books to music, music to movies, etc. And that is what I want to do for you; here’s a recommendation from me to you! 

If You Like: Once Upon a Time

You Might Like: The Lunar Chronicles

Once Upon a Time is an ABC TV series that takes all of our favorite fairytale characters and brings them to life in a contemporary age. The main character, Emma Swan, is the unknowing daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, and comes to the town of Storybrooke after being reunited with her son, Henry Mills. She finds out that she is the “Savior” of the fairytale characters and must do all that she can to stop the mayor, Regina Mills (Henry’s adoptive mother, as well as the Evil Queen) from taking Henry away from her. Emma also must revive everyone’s memory in the process, as the fairytale characters have been transferred from their Enchanted Forest and have forgotten their true identities. Unfortunately, as the others don’t remember their identities or past because of a curse cast by Regina, Emma faces a difficult task. Emma and Henry must race to break the curse and help all of Storybrooke’s citizens to remember who they are before the Evil Queen makes their forgetting permanent. The show is currently on its 3rd season; it is dramatic, whimsical, and a must-watch. 

So, if you are a fan of retold fairytales, I highly recommend an awesome book series, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

The first book of the series, Cinder, revolves around the female protagonist, Cinder, an adopted orphan with a horrid stepmother. The story is set in the future in New Beijing, where Cinder is the city’s best mechanic. This mechanic skill set may be due to her existing as a cyborg, mostly human with mechanical limbs and integrated software technology. Ostracized as a 2nd class citizen, Cinder is surprised when she meets the Prince, a handsome man who is need of her expertise. The story escalates quickly as a deadly plague  terrorizes Earth, Prince Kai considers the foreign Queen Levana of Luna’s request for marriage, and Cinder struggles concurrently. The series is on its 3rd novel; the second book, Scarlet, tells Little Red Riding Hood’s story and the third, Cress, adds Rapunzel’s story to the mix.

Both the television show and the book series are imaginative and reminiscient of classic stories. The parallel between the old and the new is highly entertaining, so be sure to check them out! 

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