HerBeauty: Pucker Up, Collegiettes!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! If you weren’t aware of that, it’s okay because Target won’t let you forget that with the copious amounts of decorations they splashed on every aisle of their store (seriously guys, Christmas JUST ended!).

Anyway… Where was I going with this? Ah yes, Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up, so how will we prepare for the day that celebrates romance and love? By ensuring that our lips are hydrated and ready for a kiss!

You know I love hydration and drink more water than Arrowhead has to offer, but I also love when my lips look colorful too! Colorful lips offer so much extra pizzazz to your outfit and enhance your smile… and like the children of Annie once said… You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

So in honor of smiling and having pretty (kissable) lips on Valentine’s Day, I have compiled a list of some beautiful products that are currently on the shelves of Ulta (my fave, go-to beauty store)! Daring pink, sultry red, oxblood, maroon, purple?? Doesn’t matter which color! Choose whichever one makes you feel beautiful and confident for your Valentine’s Day soiree!

1. Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick - $22

This lipstick is perfectly designed to keep your lips soft and shiny with its built-in formula of nourishing oils! Be bold and daring without worrying about the winter cold drying out your lips!

2. Revlon’s Color Burst Lip Butter - $8.49

This is a product that the Pinterest world goes crazy for! Known for being a beautiful balm that won’t break the bank, this lip butter makes your lips soft and luscious without feeling like you’re wearing too much makeup!

3. Tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipstick - $16

Tarte products are known for hydration and creamy textures that will leave your skin looking and feeling radiant! This lipstick is just enough color with Amazonian butters to keeps your lips smooth and shiny.

4. Mally Beauty’s Pro Tricks Dual Core Hydrating Lipstick - $13.20

I have absolutely adored this product for the past few years I have been using it! Mally’s technology is the best for hydration with its moisturizing core to ensure that your lips are truly moisturized! The blue ring is a beauty secret that, when applied, actually works to make your teeth look whiter! It’s a win-win!

5. Benefit Cosmetics’ Posietint - $30

Available in multiple colors, this product serves as not only a lip stain, but a cheek stain as well! A little goes a long way, but it’s a beautiful stain that has lasted me all day and night without wearing off! It’s just enough to give your smile a little oomph, but become an over-achiever and pair it with Benefit’s Posiebalm for one gorgeous smile!