Flats, Pumps, and Sneakers OH MY!

If you’re anything like me, shoes are the absolute weakness. Do you walk into Nordstrom and head straight to the shoe department? Or do you have to turn your head in the other direction as you walk past it? Either way, you are shoe-obsessed. This addiction may make your bank account cry a little, but you are now the proud owner of a new pair of fabulous shoes! The hard part is picking out the perfect pair that won't kill your feet as you're walking to class, but will still turn heads in the process. We all know that fashion week showcases the season’s hottest trends and the models strut down the runway in shoes to die for. Here are a few pairs that will make you ready to take on spring:

1.    Straight Pointe: 

Put your heels aside and give your feet some rest with this flat-footed silhouette that comes to a point.  Whether just a plain flat, a closed toed shoe, or something with texture and detail, it can give any outfit an elegant touch.

If these aren’t for you, there are plenty of other options, you are sure to find one that will suit your style.

2.    Tie ‘em up: 

Bring out your inner gladiator and choose your weapon: sky high or discreet ankle wrap?  These are perfect for festival season or throw them on with a lightweight dress on a sunny day in San Diego. 

3.    Mule Kicks:

Why choose between a heel and a flip-flop when you can have the best of both worlds?  Slip them on when you’re in a hurry, but actually look like you tried. A unique look with a comfortable fit is perfect for those spring days when you don’t feel like grabbing your go-to flip-flops and wearing something a bit nicer.

4.    The Higher the Better:

High platforms and even higher heels are all the craze when it comes to the hottest heels for a night out. 

Just think high and remember that they will make your legs look killer.

5.    Comfort is Key

Us fashionable collegiettes are in luck! These comfortable yet stylish sneakers are ideal for walking to class and are given the green flag from the fashion world.

Now go feed your addiction and go buy that perfect pair of shoes for springtime!