Finals Survival Kit

It's that time of year again, and unfortunetly I am not talking about Christmas. I am talking about finals. The week where all of UCSD hibernates in Geisel and we drink way more caffeinated than we are proud of. Thanks to some of our sponsors, here are some products to help you survive finals!


1. Chipotle

Cooking for yourself is hard, and it is worse during finals week, treat yourself to a bowl or burrito and get the second one half off with this golden coupon.

2. ColdEaze

Somehow every finals week I end up getting sick. ColdEaze cuts the time of my cold in half and is essential for every collegiate.

3. Vera Bradly Card Holder

My backback is full of all my textbooks during finals week and I do not have enough room to fit my whole wallet, so this card holder is perfect for all my necessites.

4. Sorel Water Bottle

It is easy to get dehydrated with all the caffiene you consume during finals week, so it is important to carry around water. This water bottle is perfect because it gets the water cold and you can refill it anywhere on campus.

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