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As college students, it is fair to say that many of us live in athleisure. Whether it be a target run in a pair of leggings or a movie night cozied up in your fleece pullover. The freedom of sports bars, sweats, and tank tops cannot be beaten.


However another thing we must consider in today’s modern world, and a topic that has been quite popular in our everyday lives, is understanding the immense impact we as humans have on the environment. The carbon footprint and pollution, as well as uptake of materials that come with the production of clothes, is immense, and athleisure is no exception. It is always easy to imagine the eco-friendly aspect of Trader Joe’s tote bags, yet athleisure can also be viewed in a very similar manner as there are many companies that offer “environmentally friendly” athletic wear that is just as soft, comfortable, and pretty as any other clothing.


Here is a list of some of these brands that I hope some of you will look into and consider investing in these companies the next time you want a new cute pair of leggings.


  • Organic Basics

    • Use natural, renewable, recycled textiles

  • PAct

    • Focuses on making clothes without toxic chemicals, sweatshops, or child labor 

  • Tentree

    • For every purchase, this company plants 10 trees

  • Patagonia

    • As a company, they are committed to three things: profit, people, and the planet.

  • Outdoor Voices

    • Uses sustainable textile.

  • Summersalt

    • Use updated industry standards and sustainable practices

  • Athleta

    • 76% of material is made from sustainable fibers

  • Wolven

    • Creates clothing from post-consumer plastic and therefore clothing is made in small amounts every time

  • REI

    • Use sustainable materials like organic cotton and cellulosic fibers

  • Groceries Apparel

    • Use recycled and natural fibers

Hi, my name is Sofya Svyatskaya and I am a freshman at the University of California San Deigo as a human bio major in hopes of pursuing a medical career. However, on the side a have an immense passion for fashion, leading a healthy lifestyle, and simply enjoying the beauty of my new home, San Diego.
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