Corgis Of UCSD Bring Us Absolute Joy

While away at school, we of course miss our friends and family at home, but... it seems like we mostly miss our pets. I have noticed that UCSD is full of dog lovers. Whenever there is a dog on campus I can see students watching and smiling, with the brave souls even asking to get in a pet or two. I love this about our campus. In the midst of homework, stress, and studying, it’s refreshing to see a happy dog and their friendly owners bringing joy to the the students on campus. It feels like home.

We owe these day brighteners to a few of our renowned dogs and dog owners on campus. I think you UCSD collegiettes might know where this is going…

That’s right, “The Corgi Man,” also known as Gary, takes his two adorable Corgi’s Puck and Katie on daily walks around UCSD. We cannot get enough of these furry creatures. Puck, Katie, and Gary are frequent stars on UCSD Snaps and even have their own Facebook page with around 1,500 likes. You know you’re having a good day if you see smiling Gary and his pups on campus. I have personally seen them a few times, and I always instantly smile. I don’t know if Gary knows how much joy his dogs bring us, but he keeps coming back to UCSD, and we are all grateful.

*Photo by @dogsofucsd on Instagram. Puck and Katie’s Facebook:

There are even more famous UCSD Corgis! Ventus and Bagel also have their own Facebook page with around 1,700 likes. Their UCSD graduate owner takes adorable and fun photos of her Corgis to post on her Facebook page, as well as a Youtube page and Tumblr! It brings me joy just to see these photos on Facebook, and makes me miss my dogs a little less (A little.. I MISS THEM SO MUCH).

*Photo from Ventus and Bagel’s Facebook page:

These are just a few ways we get our dog fix at UCSD. Seeing dogs out and about on campus can brighten your day and make you feel a little more at home. Another way to get your fix is to attend Therapy Fluffies at The Zone every Thursday from 1:30-2:30 pm. It’s a great what to relax and unwind during a packed school day. Thank you UCSD fluffies, for making our days brighter.