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Campus Style: Rachel Ger

Name: Rachel Ger

Major/Minor: Communications/Photography

Year: Second

Describe your style in 3 words.

Versatile, comfortable, “all-over-the-place.”

Describe what you’re wearing.

I’m wearing an extremely comfortable black tiered dress with a ball fringe from Ally, an Australian brand, silver armlets from my trip to Nepal that have little elephants marching across them, opaque flesh-colored grandma socks with embroidered flowers on them, Tiffany blue and white speckled roshe runs that I snagged on sale in Taiwan this summer, and a badass silver studded black snapback that I am lamely carrying instead of wearing. But if I were wearing it, I’d wear it backwards.

What are your favorite spring essentials?

My favorite spring essentials include go-to strappy brown leather sandals, the kind that just go with anything and are effortlessly cute. Last spring, I scoured ASOS for days on end debating between the perfect sandals. Just ask my friends (even the male ones), I definitely bugged them repeatedly for their opinions. Another is the ultimate go-to denim cutoff. Whether you DIY it yourself, rampage multiple stores- whatever, finding the perfect shorts is a real struggle, at least for me. But once you’ve found them, you’re pretty much set (in my opinion) with the most essential staple for the entire season.

Where do you most like to shop?

I actually most like to shop in Taiwan! I go back most summers, and always end up bringing another suitcase full of clothes I bought there back to San Diego. People may think style in Asia doesn’t transfer to American style, but in many ways it’s actually trendsetting and fashion forward. Plus, shopping sprees in Taiwan are a lot easier on the bank account than ones in America. I also used to be really into thrifting back in the day, and I still treasure the gems I’ve found from those excursions.

Is there any clothing/accessory item you are just itching to get right now?

I’ve been trying to build up the “summer dresses” portion of my closet, more specifically a white version of the dress I’m wearing here. I’m actually really lazy with my style and outfits, so anything that I can just throw on and not have to worry about mix and matching is perfect for me.

Where/from whom do you get inspiration for your outfits?

I don’t really look to one or a few people or places for fashion inspiration, I just basically absorb everything around me and translate what I like into my style, whether it’s from images I scroll across on the internet, people with poppin’ style that I run into in real life, certain items I see in stores that prompt me to envision a whole outfit, etc. My style changes on a daily basis, so that’s why I take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. I do keep up with a few cool fashion bloggers, however, including jesslovesfred, Kastor & Pollux (Dani and Bianca), and Zoe Suen, who’s 17 years old, fabulous, and makes me requestion my entire life on a regular basis.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My phone. My friends say that I’m always attached to or on my phone, and I’m finally publicly declaring that this is true. I do enjoy the detoxes that have come with me breaking my phone and getting it stolen a few times, but to be honest I feel unsafe without my phone. You never know what could happen or if an emergency will come up!

Lastly, what are you craving right now?

Chicken tenders. Someone either was or is eating chicken tenders in this lecture hall (that I’m now sitting in), and I’m currently learning nothing about art history because I’m too focused on the extremely strong smell of chicken pervading the air. I’m strange, I know.

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