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Campus Cutie: Justine Shih

Name: Justine ShihMajor/Minor: Psychology/Sociology Double MajorYear: Freshman

Where is your home town? Bakersfield, CA.

What is your favorite thing about UCSD? My favorite thing about UCSD probably has to be the endless opportunities to interact with people while doing things you love, whether it’s a recreational class or a club or a panhellenic.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like searching for new music and artists and watching fashion gurus on YouTube. It’s more of an addiction than a hobby.

What’s your current favorite band? This is a really hard one because, again, I’m obsessed with finding new music and artists everyday. However, I’d have to say my favorite artist right now has to be BASECAMP.

What do you most enjoy about working with Her Campus?I tentatively joined Her Campus, thinking this would be a new experience for everyone, as this is the first year it started at UCSD. Being a part of UCSD’s Her Campus team has given me much more experience and knowledge about teamwork than I initially thought I would receive. Shoutout to Jessie for starting this up at UCSD!

What inspires you to write? Memories. Writing helps me keep track of who I am.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself. I’ve kept my nails long and always painted ever since freshman year of high school. I know, it’s probably not good for my nails, but oh well. I can’t stand to see them bare!

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