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Campus Cutie: Jane G. Choi


Name: Jane G. Choi 


Year: 3rd Year


Major: Public Health


Where is your favorite off-campus study spot? 

My favorite study spot off-campus would have to be Lestat’s on University Heights! If you need to study but to do not want to go to Geisel or the Bio Medical Library (BML), Lestat’s is your place. Plus it is open 24 hours!


What is your favorite social media platform? 

Instagram is my favorite social media platform because the explore page shows me all the cutest french bulldogs. Also, double tapping is way too easy. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! Follow me @janechois


If you could have witnessed anything in history, what would you like to have witnessed? 

If I could have personally witnessed anything in history, I would very must like to have seen Beyonce’s half-time show in the mosh pit at the super bowl (drools).


Ideal type?

My ideal type would be a funny, down to earth, adventurous gentleman who is passionate about life and Jesus! All you ladies out there, help a sister out. Where he at? C’mon! C’mon!


Where is your favorite Brunch spot in San Diego?

Who says you can only eat eggs benedicts and stuffed french toast for brunch?!?! I would like to have my brunch at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. But in all honesty, by the time it is time for brunch, I just want my lunch already, so might as well go for the tacos. Yum! Get the spicy shrimp with avocado or the taco especial with scallops! You should also try the fisherman’s torta and the shrimp ceviche. Actually, just order one of everything. Oscars is the best. Then you should go to Bird Rock Cofffee Roasters for coffee afterwards. 


Where is your get-away spot? 

My get-away spot is a secret. Don’t tell anyone! I like to bike to Salk Institute and just enjoy my company there. If I’m feeling lazy, I will just go to Peet’s and grab myself a latte.


What cheers you up?

It really does not make a lot to cheer me up! Just a couple hundred dollars would do….or Chocolate!



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