Campus Celebrity: Halloween Edition

Meet Tristan Eicher! A leader in Sigma Phi Epsilon, a DJ/musician (his SoundCloud is Tears of a Sun), and an all-around good guy, Tristan tells us a little bit about his favorite Halloween experiences. Read on to learn more about this week's Campus Celebrity!

Year: Junior

College: Marshall

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Food: Orange Chicken

What are you gonna be this Halloween? Well, I haven’t really decided.  Last year I was a sexy policeman. 

What’s your favorite Halloween candy to get? Least favorite? Probably…a Reese’s.  Yeah I’d be pretty happy if I got a Reese’s.  Least favorite is probably Mexican candy.  Can’t do that sour and spicy stuff.

Do you like scary movies? Yes, because nothing scares me.  Except for aliens.  I watched Signs, which is a terrible movie, but the aliens freaked me out.

What’s your favorite part about Halloween? The candy, yeah definitely the candy.  I have the biggest sweet tooth. Last year I used to get those huge bags of candy from the markets and just eat it all.