Burger Lounge: The Better Burger

Alright collegiettes, I’m back with another awesome place to eat. If you are keeping up with my food reviews, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that Burger Lounge is located right down the street from Puesto in Downtown La Jolla. The close proximity would make it easy to do a food crawl. Burger Lounge has lime green and orange interior furnishings that make for a cool and modern vibe. As if the interior environment was not enough, there are tables on the patio so you can enjoy the La Jolla weather. This burger joint is not your conventional burger joint. Although you order your food at the counter, you recieve quality service. Waiters will walk around, get you sauces, and refill your drinks. Speaking of drinks, Burger Lounge offers organic sodas in special flavors that are fun to try. Now let's get talking about food. 
Burger Lounge is known to have the original grass-fed burger. They also use organic cheeses and other fresh toppings. These healthy ingredients can help clear the stigma of an unhealthy burger! These burgers will make you feel healthier and less guilty. Besides being made with wholesome ingredients, Burger Lounge burgers taste delicious. You could go with the Lounge burger served “lounge style” that has cheese, white cheddar, fresh or grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, and House-made 1000 island, or  even a seared albacore burger with baby watercress, roasted tomato relish, and house-made Lemon-Basil Aioli.
Next, let’s get talking fries. I always go for the sharable ½ and ½ fries and onion rings. There’s something about the seasoning that makes them epic. The awesome waiters will offer you some house-made ranch to go with them, and TAKE IT. It puts them over-the-top. Finish it all off with a brownie chocolate shake, and you’ll have the best kind of food baby.