BTS's New Album BE is a Masterpiece

If you have access to the internet, I'm sure you're aware of the Kpop band BTS and their great many success over the past couple years. Well, just yesterday they debuted their new album BE which features eight songs, all of which each member was very much involved in the production of. Being this was an album they had been working on since April of 2020 which was the peak of the pandemic, much of their production for this album including photo concepts and videos was all based on their own creativity with very little involvement from their label Big Hit Entertainment. Nonetheless, these eight songs are amazingly done including the video directed by the makne (youngest member) of the group himself, Jeon Jungkook. 

These eight songs have all different vibes but smoothly transition from one to the other as if each song is part of a bigger puzzle that comes together at the end with the last song on the tracklist being their big English hit "Dynamite." "Dynamite" itself is a funky song full of great beats and soul and it makes you wonder how they planned to organize an album with that song as the finisher. Well look no further as I take you through the tracklist giving a background into each song and what makes them so special. 

1. Skit: BTS is known for their great friendship and familial type relationship with each other having been a band for almost eight solid years. Some albums include a small "skit" section where they do a commentary about the album or the recording of a specific moment in time. An example being in their album Love Yourself "Her" in which it is a recording of their Billboard Music Awards Speech, which was a monumental moment for the band. This skit is the moment of member Suga's birthday where it was revealed that they were named Billboard #1 Artist after "Dynamite" was released. The translation of which can be found here. 

2. Life Goes On: this song is a feel good song with acoustic vibes and is currently the only one with a music video that was directed and filmed by Jungkook. This chill song with amazing vocals reflects their emotions of feeling the world stop as a result of the COVID virus. And while the lyrics initially are sad, they remind us that though we are disconnected, the relationship they have between each other and their fans (ARMY) has not changed despite being distanced due to the virus. They remind us that even though we are all struggling, life surely does go on. 

3. Fly to My Room: As another laid back but still catchy song by the band, Fly to My Room is similar to Life Goes On as it expresses their frustrations with a life upended by COVID where they become too comfortable in the safety of their rooms and almost feel damaged and creatively stunted by quarantine monotony. This is one of two sub unit songs with this one featuring Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V. As sad as the song might sound, they leave us with a message of optimism and the hope that we can use their music as a way to feel "at home" and safe.

4. Blue & Grey: Unfortunately, we did get quite a deep and sad song that unlike the others does not end on the most optimistic note. Blue and Grey is a beautiful vocal track that tugs on your heartstrings. If you need a song to cry to, it's this one. This song talks about struggles of depression and anxiety, both of which I'm sure we're all feeling now. Listening to the song, even if you don't understand the lyrics, you can feel their emotion and their sadness and their struggles that we can all relate to especially in a time where our mental health is very fragile. Other than how sad it is, it is still a beautiful song. 

5. Telepathy: Hurray! We've made it to a fun song! This is probably my second favorite song on the album with my first being Life Goes On. This upbeat, catchy, funky song is basically their love letter to their fans talking about how much they love us essentially. Part of the chorus being "Every time during the same day / I am the happiest when I meet you / Every time even in a different everyday life / You're the most special person to me." It's a super fun song to jam out to when you're in a sad mood. Highly recommend.

6. Dis-ease: This is definitely half a funky but also a sad song lyrics song in terms of it relfecting once again the boys struggling during the pandemic. This one isn't as depressing as it reflects how they're still reflecting upon themselves and the world in a time like this. Part of the lyrics stating "Even if I scream, I'm hungry for achievements everyday." It seems like us, they have very much been thinking about themselves and how their music can be helpful in sympathizing and healing for us. 

7. Stay: If you like pop, edm related beats, you'll love Stay. Stay is the second unit song with RM, Jin, and Jungkook that reflects the relationship between the two older members (RM and Jin) and Jungkook. If you aren't privy about the BTS' history, then know that they are definitely a rags-to-riches group with Big Hit starting out as a tiny company until BTS suddenly made a splash around 2015. JK has mentioned before in interviews that the reason that he decided to join Big Hit was because he saw RM and thought he would be a great leader to be in a band with. He was so inspired by him that he joined BTS under his leadership. However, when there was a lot of doubts that they would be able to be successful, Jin was the deciding member that convinced JK to stay. And thanks to those two hyungs (older brothers) BTS is still what it is today. In relation to the song, it expresses the connections you have with people that are more than simply friendship. It's about maintaing a deeper relationship despite any struggles and knowing that the other person will literally always "Stay." 


Hope you enjoyed my little rundown of all of these songs. Rather than having a huge album with a lot of their personal label involvement like previous albums, they put 100% into a smaller album that they self-composed and produced. And we couldn't be happier for them and how much they care about the work they create for us. This is definitely an album to buy and stream throughout this quarantine period. Happy listening!