Best Coffee on Campus: Woods

If you are anything like me, you NEED coffee to make it through the day. As much as people tell me coffee is bad for me and I shouldn’t be depended on it, I find myself sitting in class thinking about when I can get my next cup. A coffee addiction is not cheap, so I opted to buying a Keurig and brewing my own coffee every morning instead of dropping 3-5 dollars on Starbucks. However, sometimes you need to treat yourself to a handcrafted drink, cause nothing beats the ambiance of a coffee shop.
If you are looking for a good, recently priced coffee, head to Muir college and check out Woods coffee shop. It is located downstairs from Pines dining hall across from Roots Cafe. Wood’s has seriously THE BEST coffee on campus. Trust me. I have had a lot of coffee during my time here at UCSD. The first time I had their coffee, I was wired on caffeine for hours. I have never been so energized by coffee. Muir Woods carries organic coffee from local vendors and a wide variety of loose leaf teas. They also offer many alternatives in preparation like soy milk or almond milk on request.The service is also unbeatable. I visit the shop about three times a week, and each time I go, the baristas are energetic and pleasant to be around (maybe because they drink the product?)Also, in an effort to reduce waste, the shop offers a discount to those who bring their own cup. The only downfall of Woods is the fact they do not take dining dollars, but they do accept Triton Cash.
Next time you find yourself in the need for a good coffee, head down to Woods. I recommend the iced white mocha!