Before Becoming Roomies...

Finding a roommate to live with may be much more difficult than it seems to be. You want to live with some good friends you made this past year? Well that’s great, but have you lived together before or shared the same fridge?  Here’s a little questionnaire to take before you and your potential roommate(s) fully commit. Get to know each other a little better and figure out your compatibility so your friendship doesn’t end disastrously. ANSWER TRUTHFULLY or it may end like Kim Kardashian and her previous husband. 
1. I’m out of town and nothing in your closet seems right for the occasion, you…
  • a) Borrow something but “accidentally” never return it
  • b) Call and ask if you can borrow something
  • c) Borrow something, spill a drink on it & return it unwashed
  • d) Go shopping because I now have an excuse to
2. A group of your friends come over to our house and while they are drunk they end up eating all of my food, what do you do?
  • a) Say, “Sorry that they got hungry”
  • b) Run to the grocery store to replace the devoured food
  • c) Eat the food with them
3. My parents are coming down for the weekend to visit, you…
  • a) Don’t really care and still have people over while drinking alcohol and watching 50 Shades
  • b) Hide your explicit content and make awkward conversation
  • c) Ditch me for Vegas and leave me with your dog 
4. You hear a bed squeaking and weird noises coming from another room, what do you do?
  • a) Turn up your music and ignore it
  • b) Awkwardly go outside the door and play “Ride” extremely loud
  • c) Call your bf to come over and bring wine
  • d) Barge in with a loaded squirt-gun 
5. You decide to move back home abruptly, but now we have extra rent to deal with. What do you do?
  • a) Find someone that needs a place to stay and to cover the rent before you move out
  • b) Peace out after telling us 3 days ago
  • c) Give us $200.59 and hope that will cover it
6. You decide to make an elaborate 4-course meal along with some fancy mixed drinks and makes a huge mess in the kitchen, you…
  • a) Clean it up right after you eat
  • b) Wait 1-2 days hoping that I’ll get tired of it and clean it up for your lazy butt
  • c) Pay someone else to clean it up for you
  • d) Order take-out until you get tired of fried foods and greasy pizza
7. You are planning to have a good size kick-back without telling me, but I find out and say that I have a huge final the next day and don’t want chaos. You…
  • a) Don’t care and still have it, but turn the music down a little lower
  • b) Tell everyone and ask to postpone it or if someone else can host it
  • c) Convince me to let it happen and persuade me to have a couple drinks…or until I’m dancing on our coffee table in just a bra and underwear
8. Will you have Netflix, wine, and ice cream nights with me after I just fail a midterm?
  • a) Of course…The Notebook or Bridesmaids
  • b) Nah, I would rather go party, that’s why we have a dog
9. What would your last roommate describe you as?
  • a) Drama queen with too many boy problems
  • b) Social butterfly that’s never home
  • c) Book worm, but is a fun time
  • d) Easy going, and low-maintenance
10.  I just did something to make you mad and irritated with me, what do you do?
  • a) Be passive aggressive because you know you’re not completely over it, but it’s not worth a fight
  • b) Make a big scene without resolution
  • c) Calmly talk it out and say what annoyed you
  • d) Plan a revenge attack
Now, compare your answers and talk through the ones that could be a red flag. If you figure it out or compromise, awesome, but if not, there’s plenty of other roommates in the sea, happy fishing!