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9 Reasons Why You Should Go Watch the Vagina Monologues

1. You have a vagina.

Probably the best reason out there. As women, we go through things (both good and bad) that the male species cannot even fathom at times. The monologues are based off of real stories are bound to resonate with females everywhere. You don’t even need to read the rest of this article, just go and buy your ticket right now this applies to you. If this does not apply to you, continue reading below.


2. It’s funny!

Give yourself a much needed break from studying and laugh a little (or a lot) because some of these monologues are bound to make you laugh until you cry (in a good way, promise). One of the monologues even makes a reference to UCSD (hint: you gotta stay past intermission) and what could be better than that?


3. You know someone who’s been affected by domestic violence.

Domestic violence occurs more often than people believe it does. A great quote said by one of the directors of Vagina Monologues this year said this, “If you think you don’t know a victim, you DO. They just haven’t told you yet.” The statistics are baffling and yet women are still being shamed for unwanted action taken against their bodies. Rise up for women everywhere and come watch.


4. You get to hear the word “vagina.” A lot. Unabashedly.

Our male counterparts should not be the only ones who get to talk about their genitalia in everyday language. Now is your time ladies (and gentlemen) to be exposed to the word “vagina” so much that by the end of the night you’ll be wondering exactly why society deems the word “dirty” in the first place.


5. It’s personal and identifiable.

No matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter the color of your skin, there is a monologue for everybody out there. The messages they deliver are worth hearing and are always done in a very respectful and inclusive way.


6. You have questions about the womanly experience,  vaginas, feminism, and how you fit in all of it.

Perhaps you have been raised with the mentality that talking about vaginas in a social context is unacceptable. Maybe you always believed that to be a “feminist” is the worst thing imaginable. What is feminism anyway? Come, sit back, and let the show debunk some common myths as well as answer many of your sought out questions. If you’re left feeling inspired or still have concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out to a director or anyone involved as well!


7. You get to see empowerment on the stage, in the audience, and in yourself.

This is hands down the most magical part of the experience. Words cannot describe the beauty and interaction that occurs between audience and actors.You will come away from the show empowered, full of questions, and with a burgeoning desire to do more (or at least with a week’s worth of ab workouts due to all the laughing).


8. 100% of proceeds goes toward non-profits that help women.

You get to watch an amazing show and directly help women in need? That is a win-win situation in my book if there ever was one. This year, Vagmo will be donating their proceeds to the Center for Community Solutions (CCS) and License to Freedom, two organizations focused on helping fellow survivors in the San Diego area. Find out more below.




9. There’s a reason it’s put on every year. To enact change.

Each year, the audience comes away with a greater understanding about the female experience and for those who have been affected by domestic violence. Many survivors are in the audience and the production each night which is chilling when you think about it. In fact, many audience members go on to audition for the following year, so yeah, they’re obviously doing something right.

Oneisha is a senior at the University of California, San Diego earning her degree in Music Techonology with a minor in Psychology. Having just graduated from her sorority, Oneisha was looking for a fun way to still be involved in a student org and found it through HerCampus. In addition to the content written here, you can find more of her writing (this time all food based) at UCSD's Spoon University website. Fun hobbies include eating, weight lifting, reading, and crafting.
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