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5 Tips to Surviving Finals as told by Leslie Knope

It’s almost that time again Tritons. Week 10 is approaching and students are seeking temporary residence in Geisel. For the next two weeks, we will cram all of this quarter’s information into our brains, and if you are anything like me, you will attempt to do all of the assigned reading you procrastionated on all quarter. Hang in there UCSD, the end is near and Spring Break is in the horizon. Here are some tips to surviving finals as told by my guru, Leslie Knope.

1. Get enough rest 

As cliche as it sounds, the saying “early to bed, early to rise” holds true. Having enough sleep makes you more alert and able to observe more information.

2. Create a support system

Finals are hard, seek the love and encouragment from your family, friends, and of course my favorite, therapy fluffies!

3. Use a planner to map out all your finals/papers/projects 

Nothing is worse than realizing that your 10 page Poli Sci paper is actually due tomorrow, not next week. (Trust)

4. Eat as healthy as possible

I know late night studying calls for candy and late night Vallartas runs, but eating healthy while your stressed out is good for your skin and your brain.

5. Relax

Remember grades are not all that matters in life, and one bad quarter is not going to effect your entire life. Do your best, that’s all anyone could ever ask.


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