5 Tips On Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are not easy, they can even seem impossible to do at times. Although they require a lot of work and patience, if the person is special to you, it will be worth it. I’m going to give you a few tips that helped me when I was in a 2 year long distance relationship with someone who lived in France!

  1. 1. Open Communication

    This might sound like the obvious but trust me, when you live far apart from each other, communication can get skewed very easily. You do not necessarily have to talk everyday (we all get busy!), but sending cute “Good Morning”, “Thinking of you” texts can go a long way to remind your partner that they are on your mind. If you feel like you guys aren’t talking enough or they are acting distant, you must address your feelings! Your partner is not there to read your body language in order to understand how you are feeling. The faster the issue is addressed, the faster you guys can work on the issue and get back to lovin’. Lastly, texts can get misinterpreted ALL the time (don’t be afraid to ask for clarification) but if you can, video chat or phone call more often to avoid misinterpretations. Do not forget that when in a long distance relationship, the only thing that holds you two together is communication.


  2. 2. TRUST

    Having trust is vital in any relationship. It can be hard not knowing who or where your partner could be even if they keep you in the loop. How do you know if they are telling you the truth? You will not. You must accept that and make peace with it, because at the end of the day, if your partner wants to do something, they will. Give yourself peace of mind and communicate with your partner if you feel doubtful or jealous about a situation. Chances are, they are feeling the exact same way about you! It will eat you alive if you may not trust your partner during a long distance relationship, so take a deep breath and trust that they are being honest with you. Lastly, be clear about rules and expectations when it comes to what you guys are okay with, hopefully that will make both of you feel more comfortable.


  3. 3. Spice Things Up

    Anna Schultz-In Bed Silk Slip And Ipad

    Sex is not only fun but such a meaningful conncection and demonstation of love for most partners. Although you can’t physically have sex in a long distance relationship, you can find ways around it that still excite you and your boo. Sexting, dirty FaceTime calls and seductive pictures can definitely still remind your partner that they are wanted. For example, you can send a sexy lingerie picture or risky text message randomly to surprise your significant other. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to sex via the internet, it can be a fun way to explore you and your partners sexuality.

  4. 4. Be Mindful

    Living far away from someone you love may give you separation anxiety or crave some extra tender loving care. Although you may miss your significant other and want to talk to them all the time, it is vital to be considerate of their space and time. Your partner has a life outside of your relationship, and that is completely okay! Giving some space can let your partner focus on what they need to do and give them time to miss you too. Don’t feel bad if you guys aren’t texting every second of the day, sometimes there is a time difference (in my case it was nine hours!) or maybe just different schedules in general. If you find that there is a lack of communication, you can always schedule a time for each other that works for both of you. Then you can look forward to talking to your boo when you have a set date. 

  5. 5. Don’t Forget About Yourself

    This is one of the most important tips on surviving a long distance relationship! It can be easy to focus on what your significant other is doing all the time and missing them will be a constant feeling. But it is important to focus on your mental health, your own schedule and others around you. Your needs should always come first! Try and prioritize on your personal goals, this is not being selfish, it is taking care of yourself. If you focus on your personal goals, you will find yourself obsessing less on what your partner is doing and more about what you are doing. This can help when dealing with the pain of not having them near you all the time. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure you are comfortable and happy in your relationship. Do not compromise your morals for anyone! Being in a relationship requires self love before loving someone else.

Long distance relationships require a lot of extra work compared to a normal relationship but they are not impossible. It may sound scary to try a long distance relationship with someone but do not feel discouraged. With some extra love, communication and time, it can blossom into something beautiful. If I could survive a two year relationship with someone who lived across the globe, so can you!