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5 Pieces of Apparel Every Sorority Girl Owns

Walking around campus, you see a variety of clothing with Greek letters on it, but one thing that is similar is the style of clothing most of Greek life wears. Thanks to various Greek vendors, the same design is made for each chapter, and at UCSD sorority girls think the same, and order very similar items.


1. Spirit Jerseys 

I am a huge fan of these. They are the perfect for a lazy/cold day of classes. And they are long enough to wear with leggings, which I am always a fan of.

2. Big/Little Letters

Let’s face it, we put a lot of time and crafts in to our littles, so of course we want the whole school to know who our little(s) are.

3. Hats

Hats have become such a big trend these days, and having them with letters to cover up a bad hair day makes them even better.

4.Quarter Zips

Whether it is for Officer’s council, or just a super cute design you found online, quarter zips are the perfect way to keep you warm while not messing up your hair taking them on and off.

5. Philanthropy Shirts


It seems that all of Greek Life is as competitive as I am, so philanthrophy shirts are in ambunance. 













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