5 Movies From Redbox to Watch Before Midterms

We made it collegiettes! We finished winter quarter and now we’re back to relaxing. If you’re anything like me, spring break was not long enough, meaning I just need to veg out and relax for a few more weeks. So grab some popcorn and M&M’s (heaven’s movie combination) and check out these five must-see flicks that you can get for $1.62 from Red Box. 
Big Hero Six 
This movie was classic Disney. And by classic, I mean charming, cute, and feel-good. Baymax is a giant marshmallow of jokes, kindness, and life lessons. This would be a great flick to watch with friends or family. 
The Theory of Everything 
This was on my list of movies-to-see because of the film's various Oscar nominations and Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar win for Best Actor. I have been crushing on Eddie since Les Mis and he lived up to my expectations in this film as well; he was as fantastic as Stephen Hawking dealing with ALS. However, the film wasn’t as heart wrenching as expected. Redmayne portrayed Hawking with dignity and class. Felicity Jones, as Jane Hawking, held her own as well. A well-made and well-acted film about Stephen Hawking deserves to be watched.
The Hundred Foot Journey 
This has become one of my all-time favorites. Food, France, and friendship? What more do you need in a film? But beware, you will both be hungry and want to study abroad by the time this movie is finished. 
The Best of Me
Well, this wasn’t my favorite film of Nicholas Sparks, but it is worth a watch on a Girl’s Night In. James Marsden stars in this romance film, which is always a plus, along with the beautiful Michelle Monaghan. The use of flashbacks from a couple's growing love story will appeal to the chick flick divas. Even if romantic movies aren't your thing, bring tissues; this one is a tear jerker!  
Not as good as the books, but what book-turned-film is? Shaliene Woodley is an incredibly decent actress; I love all the action she performs as heroin, Tris. And with Insurgent out in theaters now, you can prepare yourself for the sequel! It will be much more action-filled that the first for you thrill-seeking collegiettes! 
I hope you all have a relaxing, movie-binging first few weeks of college. Don’t be afraid to spend time vegging out on the couch. Midterms will approach us soon enough. We deserve it!