5 Fall Hat Trends Under $30 This Season

That’s right collegiettes, hats aren’t strictly reserved for beach days, going to the gym, or for keeping the sun out of your eyes anymore. Wool hats have been one of the biggest trends for this fall. They are perfect for adding to any outfit, solving those bad hair days, and keeping your head extra toasty. But you don’t need to break your bank to get in on this trend. Here are five adorable wool hats under $30.



     1.         Wool Hat: H&M: $24.95

This is a great color to go with many different outfits, and would add to your fall look. The wool will add some extra warm for those chilly fall days, while being cozy and comfortable on the top of your head. The detailed trim gives this hat a hint of a stylish menswear vibe, making it on trend for fall. You would sure be styling in this hat, while not having to feel guilty for splurging! 


     2.         Nasty Gal Go Under Cover Wool Hat: Nasty Gal: $24

This hat is currently is now on sale at 50% off for $24, so hurry on to Nasty Gal’s website to grab one! I love that Nasty Gal displayed their hat on a model, because you can tell the fit of that hat on an actual head. And it fits really well! The leather looking band and gold hardware makes the hat look classy and chic. In this case, the hat could dress up your outfit for a night out. This is a great pick from Nasty Gal to put you fall fashion forward.

     3.         Premium Wool Bow Detail Fedora Black: Missguided: $32.28

So I kind of cheated by adding this one because it is technically over 30 dollars, but I couldn’t resist! The shape of this fedora is extremely flattering, and the band includes an adorable bow detail. (I’m a sucker for bows). The bow adds a feminine touch to this otherwise hip and cool hat, making it the total package! I also saw that students get 15% off the Missguided website. That would then make this hat under $30, putting me in the clear. (phew!)


     4.         Braided Floppy Hat: Charming Charlie: $25



This hat is a little different in style than the other ones I’ve shown, but this style is also really cute for fall! This style is very flattering, adding a cute and casual touch to your fall outfit. The braided detail makes this hat extra feminine and cute, making it the perfect hat if you want to look extra girly!


     5.         Colorblock Wool Fedora Hat: Forever 21: $14.90


I had to add in a Forever 21 hat because who can’t resist those prices?! But I really liked the modern color blocking on this hat with the brim being black and the top being charcoal. This is a cool twist on the fedora, making it slightly edgy for fall. I also like the thick band. This would be a great choice to a little edge to your Fall look! 


Well colliegettes, there you have some fall wool hats. These are perfect to put your fall outfit over the top. Happy fall and happy accessorizing!