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5 best ways to have summer fun in L.A.

Summertime is just around the corner, and we are all anticipating that break from school. As the days grow longer and the weather heats up, we all crave to explore the outdoors and do some fun activities. If you are in the Los Angeles area and looking for things to do, we got you covered with our bucket list guide to have fun during the SoCal summer!


     1. Drive-In Movies in Culver City

      Drive-In At the Park: Culver City ($30)

Movies, music, food... come picnic and tailgate in LA’s best pop-up movie drive-in! Movie theaters are now opening up--which is exciting for a lot of people-- but you can always upgrade your movie watching experience in LA’s most visually stunning drive-in events. Movie screenings will differ everyday (check movie screenings here) and will be displayed with SoCal’s largest screen & state-of-the-art LED projection. Culver City is a fun city with its newly developed Arts District. Before the movies, we recommend checking out The Platform to enjoy some delicious food or dessert and spend some time shopping. 


     2. Museum of Dream Space (MODS)

      Located in Beverly Hills & Hollywood (General admission $42)

If you are familiar with the famous Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms installation, you do not want to miss the chance to explore MODS, a dream space exhibition inspired by the artist. The design concept of the dream space is based on digital art, and it extends art by digital technology. With all the beautiful colors and lights accompanying the stunning attractions, it is guaranteed that you will find yourself immersed in a magical, dream-like experience. Of course, don’t forget to take advantage of all the wonderful photo ops with the different aesthetics displayed in MODS. Check out more information and purchase your tickets here.


     3. Secret Location Stand Up Comedy Shows 

      Secret Location, Los Angeles ($20)

The secret is out...Don’t Tell Comedy is returning to secret locations around LA to showcase great standup performances and provide unique entertainment. If you are a comedy fan or just want a good laugh, consider comedy night with friends or a date. After purchasing tickets (through Bucket Listers) and receiving an email confirmation of your reservation, be on the lookout at 12 noon the next day to receive information on the exact (secret) location of the comedy show. Note that the show is BYOB (bring your own drinks and snacks). 


     4. Take a stroll at the Arts District 

      Downtown, Los Angeles

In the heart of LA, the Arts District is full of hidden gems where people can eat at amazing restaurants, shop at trendy retails and small businesses, and of course admire the art galleries. Take a breather and stroll down the neighborhood to enjoy that SoCal city lifestyle and discover new favorite attractions. It is always a pleasant surprise to see all the cool murals while walking down the street or drinking a nice cup of coffee at an outdoor patio. Get a taste of LA and explore the industrial and artsy downtown hub. 


     5. Visit the Grand Central Market for Lunch  

      Downtown, Los Angeles 

Lastly, when talking about fun adventures in LA, we cannot forget about the Grand Central Market. This famous DTLA landmark houses a plethora of food and dessert vendors, and it is now open for dine-ins. If you are a foodie who loves to try new cuisine, the market has all the must-stop stalls with food that are all Instagram-worthy! Not only does the Grand Central Market cater a wide range of food, but it also provides fun events such as movies, game nights, and market bazaars. 


While there are hundreds of fun ways to spend your summer, we guarantee that these five bucket lists will make your summer delightful. All of the listed locations follow COVID-19 safety precautions and establish social distancing rules. 

Lauren Kim is a California native and a third year student at the University of San Diego. She is currently a Communication major and Business minor. Being in college, Lauren has a growing enthusiasm for marketing and branding. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, documenting food adventures in her foodie insta account, watching movies and exploring the city.
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