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3 Ways to Get Over Jealousy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.


Most of us are familiar with the monster that is jealousy.  It comes mainly from comparing ourselves to others, constantly reminiscing upon what they have and we don’t, and it can be detrimental to our own self-esteem.  It’s hard not to look at someone and think that this individual has the perfect hair color, clothes, shape, etc.  We often put others on a pedestal and start feeling inferior about ourselves and envious of the other’s “perfection.”  Jealousy and self-doubt runs rampant not only in relation to looks, but also to school and grades. When noticing that others have done better on a midterm or final, it is easy to get jealous and begin doubting our own intelligence.  Jealousy is natural, but can also be avoided!  Why waste time being jealous when we could be embracing the beauty that we are?  Her Campus is here to show you there are many ways to rid yourself of the infamous jealousy bug, and to start appreciating how awesome you really are.   

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

Comparison is the root of all jealousy. The truth is that there will always be someone you’ll percieve as better looking, smarter, taller, better with people, etc. But even so, it is imporant to know that you have something no one else does, a beautiful “you”ness! You are special and unique just in the fact that you are you, and you should be so proud of that. 


2. Practice Self Love

One of the best ways to avoid jealousy is to know that you have qualities that are beautiful and valuable. Remind yourself every day of the things you love about yourself! 


3. Realize That Everyone is Human

It is easy to think that someone else is perfect, but that is usually because we don’t know their whole story. Everyone has struggles of their own and everyone has imperfections. If you understand that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, you are less likely to criticize yourself and start to love yourself for the hiccups that make you, you!


Overall, it is important to know that we are more than one category. We are more than our looks, wardrobes, or grades. As collegiettes, we are each a package of features that combines to make a special and beautiful individual. The people in your life will love you for all your characteristics, and it is time you start doing the same.  Appreciate your sense of humor, your generosity, your intelligence, and most of all, appreciate and love yourself.  

Leonor Donayre is a senior at the University of California San Diego. She is double majoring in Social Inequality and Political Science while also pursuing a minor in psychology. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Leonor is an active member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and a writing tutor. Leonor believes that determination, hard work, and confidence are tools that lead to a path of success.