21 Productive Things You End Up Doing Instead of Homework

We've all had those moments of procrasination where would rather be doing literally ANYTHING else but our homework. So here's what we decide to do instead (but that we can still justify as being productive):

1.    Cloraxing that sticky part of your desk

2.    Finally getting that iPhone update you keep getting notifications about

3.    Throwing away things you don't need so you stop living that hoarding life


4.    Rearranging and updating your resume

5.    Untangling all the wires you keep tripping over

6.    Taking out the trash

7.    Journaling your feelings about being stressed over how much work you have to do but not actually doing the work

8.    Doing your laundry

9.    Actually folding your laundry (two very different things people!)

10.Plucking your eyebrows

11.Getting about half a page done in your new adult coloring book

12.Sorting through clothes and deciding to donate half of them

13.Updating your planner

14.Making your bed

15.Washing your water bottles/ mugs


17.Reading educating articles online

18.Researching internships and jobs

19.Going out to stock up your fridge and pantry

20.Going to the gym

21.Writing this article!