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It’s been a few months since Taylor Swift released her second surprise album of quarantine, “evermore”.  Since then, I think I’ve had enough time to not only form my own opinions on these wonderful songs, but also designate them for each Zodiac sign of the calendar! Each song seems to perfectly fit a Zodiac sign, from the melody to the lyrics.


Aries: “cowboy like me”

Starting off strong—we have “cowboy like me” for Aries. This song calls for a deep longing to be understood and bear the inner workings of your soul to one person. As confident and strong as Aries are, I think they do tend to feel isolated from others and need someone to be in their corner.

Taurus: “ivy”

Now I’m not saying that Taurus’ like to get involved in love affairs, not that at all. I am saying that sometimes love grows akin to ivy, and that’s exactly how I think Taurus’ fall in love. It’s slow and undetected, but once you see it, you’re in deep.

Gemini: “champagne problems”

While there will be no Gemini slander in this household, “champagne problems” does fit the sign perfectly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; rather than failing someone, failing someone you love can be haunting. Be careful with yourselves, Gemini’s.

Cancer: “happiness”

Stuck in your feelings? I know, it’s okay. But I think the beauty of being a Cancer is the ability to thoroughly feel and process your emotions that feels genuine to you. This skill is so imperative to emotional maturity, something Cancer’s can develop rather naturally.

Leo: “willow”

Oh. Hello there, main character. You simply don’t just think you’re the main character, you are the main character. Leo is not the narrator of this song, rather who the song is being sung about. 

Virgo: “it’s time to go”

Life is enduring and no one endures it as dutifully as Virgo’s do. But eventually there’s a breaking point, and you know “it’s time to go”. Virgo’s are hyper aware of their expectations, and if someone or something is not meeting them, that’s okay, because they’ll keep looking until something does.

Libra: “gold rush”

I might be a little biased as a Libra, but tell me this song doesn’t perfectly fit the wishy-washy, in and out quality of all Libra’s. The slight jealousness and deep infatuation that’s written into this song feels right as a Libra. That’s all.

Scorpio: “evermore”

When a Scorpio gets in their feels, forget about it, nothing else matters. As a water sign, Scorpio’s tend to be a bit on the emotional side, but this part of them  is incredibly private and intrinsically reflective. 

Sagittarius: “long story short”

I don’t mean to call any Sagittarius’ out, but your chaos is undeniable, and I think that’s beautifully woven into “long story short”. However complicated and crazy and long life tends to get, things will eventually work out in the end. 

Capricorn: “tolerate it”

If there’s one placement that I feel absolutely certain about, it’s this one. Capricorns, which are the most underrated signs in my opinion, are sorely taken advantage of. So this is your reminder to tell your Capricorn friends that you love and appreciate them! 

Aquarius: “closure”

This is a hot-take, I know, but hear me out. Aquarius’ are proud people and finding closure rarely calls for another person. They will find it all on their own and no, they do not need you.

Pisces: “right where you left me”

The end of a story can be haunting, and sometimes we are unable to move past it. This song does a really good job of illustrating this notion of stagnation, while also implying what feels like a hollow heart. As Pisces are the last sign of the Zodiac, this seemed fitting. Pisces are soft and to hurt them would be cruel, but when you do, they are left “right where you left me”.

My name is Ashti (she/her), I am currently an undergraduate History of Asia and the Pacific major with an Education minor at UCSC.
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