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Things to Think About Before You Put Titanium in Your Nipples

Around a year and a half ago, I got my nipples pierced with my best friend in a really cute tattoo parlor that was frightfully cold (yeah… imagine how that went). Next to getting a tattoo on my ass (it’s a One Direction lyric btw), it’s the boldest thing I have ever done.

To be perfectly honest, the choice to pierce my nipples wasn’t exactly thought through. Not once did I think about the healing process or what the pain was going to be like or how my boobs would even look with them—and in the spirit of myme literally going into the tattoo parlor with an empty head, please let me guide you.

Do you like how your boobs look now?

Okay. I hate to say it, but if you hate how your boobs look right now, you’re not going to suddenly love them because you got them pierced. It might make you feel better about them, but there’s also a big chance it might make you feel worse. I’d definitely recommend trying to Photoshop the piercings on yourself prior to making an appointment because this is an investment you’re making. It would just be awful to spend so much money and go through so much pain only to end up hating how they look.

Are you ready to commit?

Girlypop. When you get your nipples pierced, you’ll have to treat them like little babies for at least three months. Even after that, your nipples will take up to an additional 9 months to heal. What this really means is you can’t go to the pool or ocean for at least 6 months, you have to diligently clean them every day, and you have to watch out for infections. Are you sure you’re ready for that level of commitment? I wasn’t, lmao.

You need to buy saline spray. Like a lot of it.

I’ve gone through countless bottles of saline spray and you know what? It was absolutely worth it. If you get your nipples pierced, nothing will clean them as delicately and safely like saline spray. Just soak them every evening for 5-10 minutes, and honey, you’re golden. Um. But for the love of Taylor Swift, please don’t buy lidocaine spray, it’s like you’re asking for an infection.

No. Your sensitivity doesn’t go up. You know what goes up? Your awareness.

To be fair, I’ve never had super sensitive nipples, but nothing really changed when I got my nipples pierced. Except I have never been more aware of my boobs in my life. When you get nipple piercings, all of a sudden, you are aware of every piece of clothing your boobs come into contact with. You’re aware of how weather affects you, what a terrible cold breeze can do to your newly pierced nipples. 

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