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Taking a Deeper Dive Into My Birth Chart

On paper, I seem like your everyday astrology hoe—I have astrology apps on my phone, I follow astrology Instagram accounts like realastrology and notallgeminis, and I religiously look up zodiac sign compatibilities whenever I develop a new crush. But unlike some of my more zealous peers, I haven’t taken much time to analyze my chart beyond my Big Three signs (Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, and Libra rising - do with that what you will, readers), which I feel are all you really need to know about a person. 


However, that changes today — I’ve decided to take a deeper look into my chart to find out which planetary alignments outside of my Big Three make me who I am. Since I’m the proud owner of The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by astrologist Joanna Martine Woolfolk, it’ll be my main source for this article.


Enjoy, and happy Her Campus UCSC astrology week! 


Sun: Cancer

Your sun sign is the most significant representation of your identity as a whole. According to my book, Cancers are loyal, intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic. I’ve always felt my sun sign fits me to a T — I’m super in touch with my emotions and I love being a shoulder for my friends to lean on.

Overall accuracy: 10/10


Moon: Capricorn

Contrary to your sun sign, your moon sign is made up of the parts of yourself that only you see — the dark side of the moon, if you will. A Capricorn moon makes me driven, hardworking, and responsible, but also pessimistic, opinionated, and initially perceived as intimidating. Honestly, it looks like I have my Cap moon to blame for my workaholic tendencies, impulsiveness, and RBF. Since Cancer and Capricorn are a polarity (opposite signs in the zodiac), they make up a good balance of the heart and the mind that I feel has guided me well in life.

Overall accuracy: 12/10


Rising: Libra

I’ve finally found an explanation for my indecisiveness! Apparently, since the sign is all about balance, Libra placements like me have a strong sense of right and wrong and an acute ability to see multiple perspectives that make decision-making super tough. Your rising determines how you are seen by the outside world; other Libra characteristics like sociability, optimism, and creativity definitely fit how I present myself to others.

Overall accuracy: 10/10


Mercury: Gemini

My Mercury sign is the first one on this list that I hadn’t paid much attention to in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the description fit me. A Gemini placement in Mercury, the planet of intelligence, states that I’m good at math and languages, and possess a variety of interests and a hunger for knowledge. Again, super accurate, except for the math part, which is debatable. And as someone who does Duolingo in her spare time and is hoping to change her major to linguistics, the languages part was scarily spot on. 

Overall accuracy: 9.5/10


Venus: Leo

The influence of Venus in your chart (which is never more than two signs away from your Sun sign) dictates how you express love and partake in indulgences. Leo Venuses are characterized as extravagantly magnetic, dramatic, and affectionate. I find these to be true of myself, but only to a moderate extent. To be honest, I resonated more with the descriptions of Venus in Cancer (sentimental, eloquent), Virgo (imaginative, but cautious in love), and Libra (a romantic).

Overall accuracy: 3/10


Mars: Cancer

Mars, the planet of physical energy, governs the way you release your wills and passions through things like sex, emotions, and ambition. Individuals like me who have Mars in Cancer are passionate but good at matching others’ energy, and tend towards passive-aggressiveness, expressing frustrations through outbursts and irritability. Too true  — remind me why they call astrology a pseudoscience again???

Overall accuracy: 10/10


Midheaven: Cancer

The midheaven, an important angle in your chart located at the cusp of the Tenth House and representing one’s ambitions and goals, was something I actually hadn’t heard of at all before. My Midheaven in Cancer makes me likely to gravitate towards careers that involve caring for others and using my intuition (such as teaching or social work), and work with close friends or family members. I’m not too sure what I’d like to be in life, but a career as a therapist has definitely been super appealing to me; plus, when I started a club in high school, my best friend was my first pick for VP.

Overall accuracy: 9/10


Once again, astrology never misses! Overall, this was a super fun exercise, and I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in astrology and looking to kill a little time and learn more about yourself. 


Alison Sun (she/her/hers) is a second-year Computer Science major (for now) at UCSC who tries her best to be a bright and sunny presence to those around her every day. When she's not toiling over Python, you can find her bullet journaling, rereading her favorite romance novels, or dancing to Twice's "Fancy" at her desk. If you're reading this, she would like to remind you to go drink some water.
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