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Study Playlists for the New School Year

Let’s be honest, none of us are ready for the incoming change to in-person academia coming up this Thursday. It feels like it has been eons since the last time I sat in a classroom, which is it’s own hurdle, but what I think we are most nervous about is in-person exams. 

It has been over a year that we have been spoiled with online learning that on one hand does not effectively teach material but also tests that are more easy to be academically dishonest. In other words, while we don’t learn as well, it has been easier to cheat if you decided that is what you wanted to do. As we prepare to re-enter an academic atmosphere that better discourages cheating, the perfect auditory background for all nighters and study sessions is a must. 

Here are my study playlist recommendations:

Harry Potter Magic

The soundtrack to the Harry Potter films is both comforting and not too distracting. Since the films showcase scenes of all different emotions, the background music replicates these mood swings and runs you through the testing anxiety rollercoaster past the sweet pleasure of confidence and the battle-like anxiety. You can find the soundtrack on Spotify as well as ambient views on YouTube. The YouTube Channel, Ambient Worlds, has many playlists and views for other fictional lands if Harry Potter is not your cup of tea. 

Coffee Shop Vibes

If you are not quite ready to embark on study missions at coffee shops, replicate the vibes at home! Spotify has many playlists including but not limited to Coffee Shop Jazz, Coffee Shop Noises, and Coffee Shop Background

Lo-Fi Beats

I feel like everyone knows Lofi Girl on Youtube but she is worth bringing up! Her channel is full of chill and study playlists, including a 24 hour livestream. Most of them depict a cartoon girl studying which has a psychological effect called “mirroring” which means that if you see someone else doing something, you are more likely to do it, too. Perfect for the easily distracted studier.

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