Stephanie Carrillo Higlesia '16

Say Hello! to this week's Campus Cutie: Stephanie Carrillo Higlesia. This cutie was chosen because of her hard work and dedication as a member of the Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. Check out her interview about LTA and their organization in our Campus Celebrity Section. 

Name: Stephanie Carrillo Higlesia

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduating Year: 2016

Relationship Status: Single


How does it feel to be UCSC's Campus Cutie of the Week?

It was really out of the blue and unexpected, so I'd say surprising. It actually feels pretty amazing too though, because I am being recognized as a representative for my sorority and what it is we do.

What is your spirit animal?

Definitely a gazelle. It has been my nickname for the longest, especially those who I play Lacrosse with. Apparently I make running down th field with a lacrosse stick look graceful like the gazelle. 

What is your personal mantra?

Look good, feel good. It is something I always keep in mind when I wake up every morning. If I take th time to wash my face and get dressed to take on the day, it makes me feel good inside and look good out. Who says you can't look good when you have a cold?

Your hero/inspiration:

I am inspired by Selena Gomez. She continues to remain true to herself as a celebrity and not allowing that image to change her or affect how she portrays herself through social media. She is also trying to connect to her Latin roots just like I am, which makes me relate to her even more.