Procrastinate on Finals with YouTube!

We're in the midst of finals and you know what that means? Hopefully working diligently toward your finals. Hmmmm, but, that's 9 times out of 10 not exactly the case. If you're reading this right now, then you're not doing your work! Do your work! Wait, stay here and watch these videos to pass a little bit of time...

Here are some videos that you can totally relate to during these dark times, 'cause we're with ya' -

Cabin Fever – Muppets Treasure Island

When you're being cooped up in your room or library or coffee shop it's only a matter time when your mind can't handle it anymore.

We were workin workin productivity was on the rise, and then it died...

**** It All (Honest Final Exam Version)

There's that moment when you're studying when you just look at your notes and you just want to flip the table and screw it all! Of course we can't, but you know, wishful thinking.

Mr. Bean - The Exam

Mr. Bean is our spirit british non-speaking actor and it's nuts how accurate this is from the look of complete horror at the test right down to the breakdown. (Please don't cheat though, you know better!)

Student VS Exam

Many times these exams feel like a long battle that us students must train for. A lot of time these tests do feel like they are set to specifically fail us but remember it's probably not. Also it has a a message - help each other out! In the end all of us is reaching for the same goal.

Five Stages of Grief: Finals Week

There's a big chance you've gone through at least two of these before the week is done.

Why We Procrastinate - Ted Talks

Not exactly something to relate to but a super interesting Ted Talk on how procrastination works in your head and how to overcome it.

Hopefully after seeing these videos you'll feel better about finals and will get back to wo- aaaaaaaand you're on youtube.