The Most Likely Costumes You'll See On Campus This Halloween

It's Halloween, one of the best times to go absolutely nuts with a rocking costume. Let's take a look at some of the most common ones you'll probably be seeing this Halloween.


1. Cosplay

Or generally costumes of TV shows, comics, video games, and movies that are well known. You'll see costumes from popular and/or nostalgic sources such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Avengers, and Frozen. Oh yes. Frozen. New drinking game, take a shot when you see Elsa this Halloween. They'll all be letting it go and you'll probably be joining them. It's also a fun way to see different interpretation of characters.

Liiiiike zombie Mario Bros.

Who will be appreciating it the most: People who recognize who you are and are fans will be calling you out with potentially lots of whooping. Inside jokes from within the show as well as the fandom will also be potentially brought up.


2. Animal

You'll be seeing quite a number of people dressed as animals during Halloween with their ears, tails, and potential matching clothing. You'll probably be seeing a lot of people dressed as black cats due to easy access to black clothing as well as matching ears and tails. Generally these are the people who either didn't want a complicated costume or think it's really cute

Who will be appreciating it the most: Friends will be calling you over for pictures and selfies. It's great at parties but it feels like the lowest common denominator for trick or treating due to how simple/lazy it usually looks. Unless you've dressed to the point of looking like a background character from Cats which in that case kudos.

How do you do that?


3. Bad puns

If you don't get this in seconds then you have not touched onto one of Santa Cruz's subcultures enough

Easily the most amusing of the costume types, people who dress as bad puns are guaranteed to cause a chuckle out of even the most phone-phased bus-waiter. Or a groan. Groans are good, almost better sometimes.

Who will be appreciating it the most: You'll have captured the attention of anyone with an attention span longer then five seconds and a sense of humor. And believe us you will be mentioned at least once by these passerby-ers to their friends.

Ahh? Aaaaaaah? *waggles eyebrows*

4.Pop Culture/People

I apoligize for bringing this back

Last year we had twerking Miley Cyrus, which believe us was not something any of us want. What will it be this year? Iphone 6 Bendgate? Ice bucket challenge? Iggy Azalea? How can some of those even be a costume? We don't know but we're sure someone on campus will figure something out.

Who will be appreciating it the most: People who've been on the internet for a little too long then they should will probably be looking at your costume, look away, then look again and go WAIT. Depending on what you're dressed as you may get the same reaction as if you were wearing a bad pun.


5. Stereotypes/Disrespectful costumes

Whose idea was this?

I think we can all agree that there are just costumes you don't wear period because it's disrespectful to who or what it refers to. We've all seen the posters on the bus stops on the weeks coming up to Halloween – It's a Culture, not a Costume. Yet you probably will still see a couple people dressed as rappers, Native Americans, drag queens, and so on. Same goes for costumes like mental illnesses and a certain Ebola related costume, which is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly.

Who will be appreciating it the most: Hopefully no one. Maybe the best that this type of costume deserves is a side eye and ignore. Basically – Ick. No. Stop. You're better than that.

Hopefully I don't need to say why this costume is unacceptable anywhere

6. Horror

There is the very small number who will actually dress, well, horrifically. They'll be all out with ghastly makeup, guts, blood, whatever it needs to really give someone the shiver me timbers. Whether Slenderman fits this category is in the eye(?) of the person dressing as Slenderman.

Who will be appreciating it the most: Probably everyone, especially if the you use your costume to freak them out first before actually showing off.

Doubleteaming can also be effective

7. Halloween Store

These are the costumes of people who either didn't try or forgot it was Halloween and had to get something quick. The shiny fabric in the costume will give it away because no one uses such shiny cheap fabric for any costume. If they're female it'll be easy to tell by how much it shows off their body needlessly (Sexy Crayon anyone?)

Who will be appreciating it the most: It will probably be regarded with “cool they dressed up” but as Halloween store costume tend to be generic it probably won't be catching too much attention. Unless you're a sexy crayon. Who can resist the charm of


8. Nope

These are the people who has lost the spirit of Halloween, or at least has gotten the spirit sucked out of them by midterms. These people cannot be hated, they must only be pitied for their loss of free candy and hijinks. They probably also get a lot of guilt-tripping happening to them during Halloween, so they must be protected. Maybe a Halloween-free sanctuary for the day.

Who will be appreciating it the most: Themselves, for the benefits they receive by not going out to Halloween and enjoying themselves. If you feel you can't or don't want to dress up for Halloween and stay at home then you can. That being said, if you don't dress up and still go to Halloween events that 's just you either being cheapskate or lazy for not getting a Halloween costume and you should go to those events with a heavy weight in your heart as you roam the streets like a lone survivor no zombie won't touch (too harsh?).


Halloween's a great time to see such a huge variety of awesome costumes and we look forward to see what this year's Halloween will be bringing us!