DIY Christmas Tree for the Book Lover

Christmas has come and gone, but it’s never too late to think about Christmas decorations for the next year.  Christmas is, after all, a state of mind, there’s no shame in celebrating it year round. So, if you’re tired of hauling out the fake Christmas tree out of a box, or you’re not really into a high maintenance real tree that you need to care for in the days leading up to Christmas so it doesn’t dry out and die, then The Book Tree might be the thing for you. Or if you’re a die-hard bibliophile, and you love to read and have tons of books collecting dust on your bookshelf or in a box in the garage, then The Book Tree will be the thing for you.

I mean, what’s better than finding a new use for your beloved books aside from reading them and leaving them by their lonesome on your bookshelf? Now you can create something infinitely more magical! The Book Tree is a fun way to get creative during the holiday season, and although you might get really frustrated during the process, the result will be quite rewarding.

What You Will Need:

1.     Many books of all different colors, shape, and sizes!

2.      Small boxes, or small pillows will also suffice

3.     Decorative Christmas lights, ornaments, and anything else you’d like to decorate your Book Tree with!

4.     PATIENCE, young grasshopper (it took me about 3 days and 10 tries because I couldn’t get it quite right)

Step 1: Get Organized

Gather all the books you would like to use for your book tree. Keep in mind you might not end up using every single one, but it definitely won’t hurt to have them all at reach. Also, the more books –the taller your tree, of course! If you want to keep it organized, so you don’t pull your hair out trying to find what size fits where or what color looks better where –then I recommended you make separate piles for your books. Sort them by size and color, or by thickness or thinness.

Step 2: Can’t Have a Tree without a Good Base

Now that all your books are organized, and not scattered all over your bedroom floor (like my books pictured) –you can begin your journey! You want to start off with sturdy base for your Book Tree, so it doesn’t abruptly fall apart. The thicker books are recommended to use for the base, or hard cover books as well.

If you don’t have many books to work with, your tree will end up on the smaller side, so you can opt for a triangular base. The size of your tree ultimately comes down to the size of the base as well. If you’re going for a taller, bigger tree then create a base the shape of a pentagon, or hexagon. Make sure the first layer/base has the same altitude to the other books adjacent to it, or else your tree might end up a little lopsided.

Here’s the part where the small boxes or pillows might come in handy as well! Use either to fill in the hallow space in between your base, so your books don’t come crashing down. It’s not completely necessary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While creating the base, you can also decided whether you want to pile your books with the spine of the book where the title shows, facing out, or on the inside so the pages of the book show instead!

Step 3: Pile Them Up

Here’s the somewhat tricky part of building your Book Tree. It can get frustrating. It can get ugly. You might even get so frustrated that you suddenly just knock off the pile of books you were arranging because it just wasn’t working out. But, remember: Do not give up. This is a beautiful thing you’re creating here! Books! Continue!!

Anyway, start piling your books however you want. Keep in mind that with each layer that goes by, you want to begin placing them in a way where the empty space in the middle will become a bit narrower. In doing so, you’ll end up with your actual Book Tree and not just a house of books.

You’ll know when it’s come to stop when you can no longer spot the hollowness of your Book Tree. Your smaller sizes books are recommended for finishing up the top part of your tree, but it’s all up to you.

Step 4: Light It Up!

…don’t light it up on fire, that’s not what I meant!

Now that your Book Tree is ready for decoration (definitely optional), grab your Christmas lights, ornaments, or tree topper to start beautifying it!

This year, I decided to grab my Disneyland Minnie Mouse ears and top my Book Tree with those! A couple years ago I used my Matilda DVD (you know, because she loves books too!) Anything you choose to top your Book Tree is perfectly fine, there’s many ways to get creative. 

The final result is pretty great, eh? 


**If you still need a little guidance on how to build your own Book Tree, you can watch the short video below that might be of help!**