Crazy for Booties!

The ideal weather to wear your favorite of boots may have come and gone, but don't stash your boots in the back of your closet just yet. Yes, knee-high boots are most ideal for the chilly weather during the Fall and Winter season and so it's clearly a blessing sent from the skies above that we have also been blessed with ankle booties! These ankle-length boots are ideal for the Spring and even the Summer weather. They go perfectly well with literally anything. 

  Western Ways Booties (Forever 21):

These faux leather booties are super inexpensive, but look like a million bucks! (maybe not a million bucks, but you know the saying...) This taupe color is perfect for the Spring and Summer season. It goes with nearly everything. F21 also has them in black, if you want to go for the classic look. Personally, a shade of brown not only makes the shoes stand out more, but it also adds color to your outfit, that it may be missing otherwise! You can dress these booties up, or dress them down. You can wear them with your favorite pair of denim shorts or denim jeans!

Metal Moment Booties (Forever 21):

These booties are perfect if you're looking for a darker, more chest-nuty color. They're also faux leather booties. The illusion of a zipper gives it a nice edge, and since they're also more open on the ankles -they're perfect for the hot weather. These would look perfectly paired with a flowy floral skirt or dress! They're a lot girlier and can be used when you want to dress casual, or "fancy shmancy" as well. F21 also has this pair in black!

 Rustic Slingback Booties (Forever 21):

Here's an even darker shade of booties for you to strut the streets with! As shown in the picture, they would pair perfectly with your favorite pair of cropped denim jeans. This pair has a little more edge and character, thanks to the slingback feature. These, on the other hand, are made of distressed genuine leather. 

Refined Leather Booties (Forever 21):

This last pair of booties can even work as sandals! These booties are a lot more open, letting breeze onto the souls of your feet. They can be paired up with denim jeans as well as dresses and skirts! F21 only has this pair in the chestnut color shown above. So it's obvious that we don't necessarily have to ditch our boots and trade them in for sandals because we have these perfect, stylish, comfortable, and best of all -inexpensive booties!