Off Campus Highlight: Buttercup Cakes

Dining halls just not good enough tonight? Looking for something to do to get away from campus? No idea on where to get a specific thing? Completely lost the minute you get off at the Metro Station or just looking for a recommendation? Have no fear OCH is here!

Cupcakes. It's basically the same as a regular cake, except small enough that you can eat it all and boast that you've eaten an entire cake without worrying about sugar overload (not that I've ever done it or anything). They're petite, they're scrumptious, and they're really adorable!

Buttercup Cakes and Farm House Frosting is a local cupcake shop off of Pacific Avenue downtown. Their specialty is, surprise surprise, cupcakes, and they are really good at it. This business has been owned by three generations of women, Jan Wilson, her daughter Carren Wilson, and granddaughter Hannah Wilson. You can get a cupcake for $3.50 dollars or a mini-cupcake for $2 (because a mini cake isn't enough. When will the shrinkage of cakes end?).

(What is this a cupcake for ants? Wait on a second thought don't answer that)

Along with regular cupcakes, they carry gluten-free and vegan flavors, which are $4.00 each.

(The display case)

Buttercup Cakes does not use any artificial coloring or flavors and they strive to use 100% organic ingredients. The flavors are changed based on the seasons as to keep using local ingredients to support the local business. This doesn't stagnate their flavor choices, though, as they strive to bring new flavor combinations to the table. As of now they have 18 types of cupcakes ranging from their signature flavor Triple Orange (Earl grey frosting on blood orange) to Double Chocolate w/ Cider (Chocolate frosting and cider cream on chocolate) to Vanilla Lavender (Lavender blossom frosting on vanilla lavender topped w/ lavender blossoms).


Price Range: The cupcakes here are admittedly more expensive then getting a 12-pack cupcake set at Target. Then again, are you really going to compare these


to these?


Unless you have a need for an abundance of sugar rather than quality cupcakes, those $2-4 dollars are better spent on a Buttercup Cupcake.


Sun - Thurs: 10:00 am - 5:30ish Friday - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

How to get there: From the metro station, go to Pacific avenue, cross the street, then turn right. Keep going down until you get to Locust Street, then turn left. Buttercup Cakes should be on the left side.

*Pictures from the Yelp page as well as the Farm House Frosting Website*