The Best Of The Best: 9 Quotes from the 'Gilmore Girls'

Let's take a look back at one of the most genuinely loved onscreen mother-daughter duos ever: Rory and Lorelei Gilmore. The Gilmore Girls were honestly our spirit animals. From their talks about sex, dating, food, and boys -to Rory's love for books and Lorelei's love for coffee! 

Here's to some of the best moments and quotes from the Gilmore Girls:

1. Spitting the truth like always. Preach it, sister, college is breaking all of our spirits. 

2. Rememeber that one time Lorelei forgot to wear underwar? Yeah, happens to the best of us...

3. Nothing in the world, not even Bradley Cooper shirtless, is exciting before 11:00 A.M.

4. Because this is how every college student should shop when doing their grociers. Chocolate, chips, and cookies! 

5. This speaks for itself. 

6. But, who doesn't like being in the blogosphere? It's all about the blogosphere, amirite?

7. When Rory spoke to so many of us college students. We want our mommys! 

8. Yes, Rory, books smell good and they feel good! Except when studying for finals, amirite?

9. When Lorelei spoke to how we all feel about those evil creatures!! 

We miss you 5ever, Rory and Lorelai <3 Xoxo.

**All photos attributed to Warner Bros Television.**