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Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick together make the Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona. These stellar, dynamic, and lovely ladies come all the way from their hometown Stockholm for their fourth show, at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, of their North American tour for their anticipated second album, ‘Beauty Is Pain.’ 

Together, since the age of 11, they have empowered one another and inspired many, to break-free from this male-dominated world. Rebecca & Fiona aim to inspire young men and women to do what they love, without caring about the social structures that try to stop us. Rebecca & Fiona are the most self-aware pair of women you will ever get the chance of meeting. In every little thing they do, especially through what they know best: music, they aim to inspire empowerment and change in order to create the better self and a better world. 

I had the incredible opportunity to interview these ladies before they went on stage. We talked about nearly everything –from their favorite beer, to their stance on women empowerment, the environment, societal structures, down to their favorite must-have fashion accessory. Every. Thing.

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HC: What have you girls been doing here in Santa Cruz so far?

R&F: We came in pretty late, so we went and had Mexican food, it was really good. We also walked down the strip, there’s so much good stuff but it’s all closed. 

HC: Yeah, everything here gets closed really early, and it’s also Sunday…

R&F: But we have the day off tomorrow so we’re going to go all in! We’re really happy that we’re getting our day off here.

HC: You girls should definitely check out the Boardwalk! West Cliff Drive is also a really beautiful walk, or hey, go check out UC Santa Cruz -stop by and say Hello!

HC: How have you guys been enjoying the north American tour so far?

R&F: We came straight in Thursday night from Sweden, so the shows have been really fun –we’ve only seen hotels, clubs, and airports so far –so today was the first time we had a breath of fresh air! And it was so cold in Sweden when we left so this weather was like heaven! Then we walked around corner and we came across a flea market which is like a dream come true for us.

HC: Did any of you buy something at the flea market?

R&F: No, we were so hungry! So we went to go eat Mexican food.

HC: Eh, the Mexican food here in Santa Cruz isn’t that great sometimes… Anyway, correct me if pronounce your hometown wrong, but you girls are originally from Stockholm, Sweden? Whats your favorite thing to do there?

R&F: ….work! I mean we have all our friends and family there, so we also love to be with them and eat food, so much food.

HC: Mmmm, don’t we all love food! I also read that you two met through a mutual friend a couple years ago, do you girls remember where you first met each other?

R&F: I mean, we met when we were 11, at the climbing gym in Stockholm. We met like three times, and I was a little older, so there was definitely an evident age difference between us because it was at such a young age, you know? But then when we met again at age 18 and 20, then it was immediate love, immediate connection.

HC: That’s so awesome! You girls are like childhood friends, and basically sisters. Now, sorry to pry… but I’m sure your fans are DYING to know if you two will be performing at EDC this year?

R: We’re doing….

F: Nothing is booked yet for EDC, but we hope so! We’re hoping to do it, we have the dates reserved, otherwise, we’re probably going to do other Insomniac events. We love those festivals!

(Sidenote: As of late, they have officially been added to the EDC UK line-up in 2014.)

HC: Well, regardless, I’m sure your fans will love to see you anywhere they can. Which are your favorite festivals?

R&F: EDC Vegas is magical but it’s hard to compare. All the Insomniac events are so different and we’ve played pretty much in all of them. We’re also doing ULTRA for the first time in Miami, we’ve never done that before so it’s exciting.

HC: The weather in Miami is probably going to be really cool there, hotter! Well, compared to Stockholm, right?

R&F: Yeah, but we love festivals! The whole vibe is great and the time you get to hang out, and drink beer…

HC: What’s your favorite type of beer?

R&F: We don’t like light beer and because we’re girls everyone always tries to give us light beer, but we enjoy dark, stronger tasting beer.

Then Fiona proceeded to name a few of her favorite brands of beer… 

R&F: *jokingly* We should be endorsed by a beer company!

HC: Oh, that beer company would sure sell a lot more with your faces on a huge billboard ad!

HC: So how is the new material coming along?

R&F: We’re releasing our new album ‘Beauty is Pain’ on April 29th of this year.

HC: Woah, that’s real soon! I’m sure your fans are excited about all the new music coming their way. Tell us more about the new album…

R&F: The name of our album in a way relates to what Her Campus is regarding because the story of the whole album is about being a female in a male dominated industry and the pressure of being female, the societal structure, and how hard it is to be a female.

HC: In a male dominated industry, how do you girls feel being “female” DJ’s?

R&F: We want to be a part of destroying the patriarchy and I think we are just by being. We don’t want to call us “female” DJ’s, we don’t like that prefix, we want to be DJ’s. Everyone always says female DJ’s, and we don’t really care, we don’t ever take sh*t from anyone or want to be part of that discussion –we just do what we like and try to inspire others to do it as well.

HC: Any advice to other women who aspire to be DJ’s but are probably discouraged by the dominance of males throughout the industry?

R&F: Regardless of all the societal structures, just don’t care! Surround yourself with other strong women that can help empower you and get over those barriers of the male structure, but we do what we feel is best –we don’t give a f*ck! We never let something like that stop us, like the social structure. We also have each other, that’s also very empowering. It’s very important that females support each other.

HC: Yes, that proves to be true. Women really need to support and empower one another. Now, on a similar note of standing up for what you believe in, I see you two are a part of the Art Makes A Stand campaign –what are your views towards the environment?

R&F: We care a lot about the environment, it’s extremely important for us. We feel like we’re really wasting the environment at times because we travel so much.

HC: How do you girls cut back for the environment?

R&F: We try to buy vintage clothing, eating vegetarian. We’re just trying to do our part to sustain the environment.

HC: I’m sure you see a lot of the climate change due to all the travel you girls do. I mean, you go from really cold weather to Stockholm, to really hot over here in California, and other places in North America. 

R&F: Yes and it’s also important to talk about it because a lot people, especially in America, it’s sad to see but they’re not as politically aware as they are in Europe or other places in the world.

HC: Do you think it’s important for artists in the industry to talk about these issues?

R&F: Yes, definitely. I think it’s important to talk about these things because many of us have a young following that could make a change in the long run. So we’re thankful in that matter that we can travel and spread the word.

HC: Shifting back to the music again, any musical inspirations?

R&F: We have so many, but have you heard PLANNINGTOROCK? You should listen to it. PLANNINGTOROCK is a perfect example of “hen.” Do you use the term/word “hen”?

HC: No, what is hen? I mean, the only way we use it here is regarding animals?

R&F: We use this term to describe not female, not male. It doesn’t define a sex so we say hen. Anyways, PLANNINGTOROCK is super cool, her voice is really pitched down.

(Sidenote: PLANNINGTOROCK is an English electronic musician and record producer who lives in Berlin, Germany. I listened to her, and she is freaking awesome!)

HC: We should consider using that here in America. Also, I will definitely go back home and check out PLANNINGTOROCK. But that sounds a little like what the lead singer of Beach House does with her voice, it sounds very pitched down.

R&F: Yeah, we like Beach House!

HC: Now some quick “girl-talk” –what is the one accessory or that one clothing item that you’re really into? Like, “I just gotta have it in my closet!”

R&F: Our shoes!

HC: Your shoes! Those are really tall platforms huh? They look awesome!

R&F: These shoes! They’re our release, this is our freedom! They’re super comfortable. They’re really tall but perfect for the turntables because it’s made for taller people so these shoes really help us out. Again, it’s all part of the patriarchy…

HC: Any last closing thoughts? You know, just for girls and women out there just trying to do their thing in the best ways they know how.

R&F: Just the typical advice, do whatever it takes to achieve what you want to do or what ever your main interest is–it doesn’t have to be music, it could be something else. But just go ahead and do it, if you have the ability and the chance, don’t let anybody stop you. Most people are very good at what they love. It’s really good to embrace that passion. It often empowers you.

HC: Thank you for those words, girls. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you ladies. I’m sure the crowd is waiting for you ladies to bless them with some Rebecca & Fiona tunes. This was so much fun, and we can’t wait to see you two do your thing out there on those turntables! We hope we can meet with you lovely ladies again!


– HCXO :-)


Photos by Gigi Nicaldao

Concert shot by Pamela Avila

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