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I have always been a beer-hater. I remember when I was three years old, my dad told me a glass on the kitchen table had Coca-Cola in it, so I happily took a drink, and could you imagine my surprise when it tasted like literal piss. It was his beer and I felt so betrayed. Ever since then, I’ve been a beer-hater.

But then some 18 years later, I turned 21 and I felt like it was time to try beer again. 

You didn’t hear it from me, but I might have spent my pre-21 years exploring the realms of hard liquor and never spent much time tasting beers. In my young days, I just wanted to get drunk, and hard liquor was the way to go. Beer just tasted gross (three-year-old me remembers!!!).

Now that I have more opportunities to drink leisurely and not just to get drunk, I’ve started to explore wines and beers. And, well… it’s not going great LOL. I don’t really like wines, and the same can be said for beers too. However, there are three (four?) beers that I can always rely on, and always enjoy. If you are like me and hate beer, I recommend trying these first before completely ruling out beer.

Corona Extra

MUAH. While Corona’s aren’t my favorite beer, they are quite refreshing with a lime wedge squeezed in on a hot summer day. The flavor of a Corona is pretty mild (which is why I enjoy it so much, I presume), and is well paired with a meal.


My feelings for Modelo’s are similar to those I have for Corona’s. It’s a light beer without too much going on. It’s the most “earthy” out of the short list of beers I have listed out for y’all. This also pairs well with a lime or lemon wedge, and I best enjoy this with Mexican food, ngl.

Blue Moon

Okay. This is my favorite beer, hands down. Blue Moons are a light wheat-ale brewed with a Valencia orange peel. The resulting flavor is sweet and tart, and not too overpowering. Along with the original Blue Moon ale, they also sell a Blue Moon LightSky which has a more complex, sweeter flavor profile. While I prefer the original, my roommate who does not like any beer, enjoys the LightSkys.

Honorary Mention: On-Tap Beers at Humble Sea in Santa Cruz

I had my first date with my boyfriend here, and it seems fitting that this was one of the first times I really enjoyed beer, and the company that came with it. <3 If you’re local to Santa Cruz, Humble Sea is a local brewery with an ever-changing menu of house-made beers. They have something for everyone (including a beer-hater like me!!!!), including a beer flight you can try if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Honestly, I still think beers are gross, and after writing this article, I’m realizing I enjoy beers most when they don’t actually taste like anything, so maybe 3-year-old Ashti was right, beers are not for me.

My name is Ashti (she/her), I am currently an undergraduate History of Asia and the Pacific major with an Education minor at UCSC.
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