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Wanting to find a dream job, but don’t want to wait until you graduate? DreamJobbing is a site broadcasting unique and awesome “Dream Jobs” for anyone (even worldwide) to apply. DreamJobbing works with companies and brands in hopes to create fun experiences that will bring forth great opportunities. This online platform lets applicants create and upload a video application for a chance to help land their DreamJob by securing the most votes driven through social media.

DreamJobbing provides the right tools to make every individual and unique dream a reality. This process is quite simple!

1.     DreamJobbing collaborates with companies (brands, businesses, tourism offices) to come up with fun “jobs” or once-in-a-lifetime “experiences.”

2.     Each week, a new DreamJob will be unveiled on DreamJobbing.com.

3.     Applicants can apply by easily creating a profile and uploading an application video.  

4.     Applicants promote their video submissions to their social networks.

5.     The top 20 applicants are announced and then interviewed by the company offering the job.  The company will then select the winning candidate.

6.     The selected candidate then heads out to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity interacting in real time with the DreamJobbing community.

7.    Select experiences will also be packaged as an episode in the DreamJobbing TV series, which will air domestically on AXS TV and be distributed internationally.

The 1st DreamJobbing campaign recently wrapped up with Nick Lachey announcing the winner on Big Morning Buzz Live Show! The winner will now be reporting as the Social Buzz Reporter for VH1. But do not be weary, there are many more applications that are open. The applications include:

Official Nitro Circus Tour Reporter in New Zealand

TV Producer for the CBS Millers

Wildlife Volunteer in Thailand with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Backup Singer for Michael Bolton’s US tour

Culinary Explorer in Hawaii for King’s Hawaiian

Visit DreamJobbing at DreamJobbing.com for more information on the coolest jobs and experiences on the planet!

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