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You Need to Get out of IV (Underrated places in SB)

Truth is, IV may have its charm, but most of the real magic of Santa Barbara lies outside of our little college town. These are the best, and somewhat overlooked, places to visit:

1. Alice Keck Memorial Gardens

Alice Keck Memorial Gardens is a whimsical park at the heart of Santa Barbara, which includes a collection of small ponds, turtles, ducks, and cute bridges plus other curiosities. It’s perfect to clear your mind of worries, and to make it even better, there are usually street food vendors wondering around!

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2. Coronado Butterfly Preserve

This is only a short drive from IV, and it’s a must-see due to its forest-like structure. As you enter the trail, it feels like you are being submerged into a parallel dimension of South California. Though not as dense as it seems, the stroll eventually ends in a cliff overlooking a beach, which is only a small climb away! In addition, at certain times of the year, the trees are covered in beautiful monarch butterflies! Definitely an enchanted forest in the making.

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3. Gaviota Wind Caves

The Wind Caves, though a bit of a drive off, offers a hike that is unlike any other. Not only does the path overlook the ocean, but you get a chance to visit actual caves at the top of the hike! Hike can be a bit steep, so be sure to bring your hiking shoes and water!

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4. The Museums

This may not seem as fun to everyone at a first glance, but it can be the perfect breather you need between your hectic schedule. If you happen to find yourself having a slow day while everyone is off at work, school, or what have you, taking a stroll though the many museums in Santa Barbara is just what you might need. If you’re not an information sponge there are still tons of cool things to see!

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5. Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

Covering 78 acres of land, the botanical garden can turn into a day-long adventure. With a variety of different plant life, it’s hard not to feel at peace around so much beauty!

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