You Know You're at UCSB When

Every college campus has certain characteristics that are completely unique to that university and these traits are what distinguish various universities from one another. If you're wondering what sets UCSB apart, look no further. Here's how you know you're at UCSB: 

1)   You see students biking to class wearing wet suits with a surfboard in hand. 

2)   Traffic jams take the form of bikes rather than cars.  

3)   You get bombarded by clubs, orgs and petitioners while walking by the Arbor. 

4)   Seeing the majestic Storke Tower has you questioning your existence.

5)   You see this guy. 

6)   You can get to the beach in like 5 minutes. . .walking. 

7)   Students walking around campus barefoot is totally normal. 

8)   You feel like you’re on a ride at Disneyland when really you’re going through Pardall Tunnel.  

9) Breathtaking sunsets are an everyday occurrence.