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Yassi’s Guide to the Dukan Diet

Summer is right around corner and we all want to rock that bikini we saw at the mall with a hot bod. I admit to being an extreme yo-yo dieter, as I’m sure most of us have been at some point or another, and I have finally found the most effective diet that I have stuck to for the past five months and going! It involves three phases and lasts as long as the amount of weight you want to lose. My initial reason for starting the diet was for my 21st birthday. Upon reaching my 21st after six weeks of being extremely strict on this diet, I had lost 20 pounds. This magical and amazing diet is called the Dukan Diet, created by Pierre Dukan and accomplished by none other than the beautiful Kate Middleton for her fabulous wedding.

The Dukan Diet consists of three phases: Attack Phase, Cruise Phase, and Consolidation Phase. I will be thoroughly walking you through each phase and be the support you need to keep going!
Lets start PHASE 1.  This will last ONE WEEK. It will be difficult, especially for the first few days, but I promise you will adapt and it will be so worth it.Time to attack all the dairy and protein you can get your hands on. One of my favorite concepts of this diet is that you can be as greedy as you want and have an unlimited amount of dairy & protein. Stock up and let’s start this off right!
Dairy: any cheese, milk, icecream, etc.that is <5% total fat. I liked cheese before this diet and I have grown to LOVE it. Buy all the cheese that you can because it will become your new snack and replacement of potato chips.

Protein: Lean beef, veal or rabbit(mince under 10%, avoid ribs), chicken and turkey (except skin and outside part of the wings),ham (low fat and lean), beef, veal, or chicken liver, any fish (except canned in oil or sauce), shellfish and crustaceans. Eggs (up to two yolks per day, unlimited egg whites, but watch the yolks if you have high cholesterol). Personally, I stick to turkey & chicken breast. You can get thinly sliced ones and make little sandwiches with cheese and mustard. Get creative with your eggs! During phase 1, I pretty much lived off of making egg and cheese omelets. I started adding a little bit of Sriracha to it too and it was fabulous.

Condiments: You are allowed condiments in moderation. Do NOT overdo it; if you want to use any, use a small amount. With time, you will realize what is too much. Use herbs & spices, mustard, ketchup, etc.
Drinks: water, tea (no sugar, but you can use sweeteners or skimmed milk): herbal tea is allowed too, coffee (no sugar, but you can use sweeteners or skimmed milk), diet sodas (or any other sugar-free drink). Please drink tons and tons of water!! I cannot emphasize how important water is for you and it keeps you full too.
Oat bran:1.5 tablespoons every night. I had absolutely no idea what oat bran was. Go to the cereal isle and look for the box that says Oat Bran or Crackling Oat Bran. I like to mix it with yogurt or fat free vanilla ice cream. This is a VERY important factor to the diet.
Exercise: light exercise for 20 minutes a day. I like to take walks or bike, which is definitely not hard to do here in Santa Barbara.

Keep this up for SEVEN DAYS and upon that completion, I will be filling you in on the next phase called the Cruise Phase. At this point you will have lost water weight and it will be the most weight you will lose in one week throughout the diet. I lost 8 pounds during this phase! So GET EXCITED because this next phase will bring in vegetables. This may not sound so appetizing right now but trust me when I say veggies will become your new god. Until next time, I hope you have a FABULOUS experience and I believe in you!!!
xoxo Yassi

Yassi transfered to UCSB in Fall 2011 and is earning her Bachelor's in English. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she has always had a passion for public relations and writing. With an amazing experience working as an intern for a big PR firm in LA, she became inspired to ultimately become a publicist. She is the Campus Correspondent and Head of Public Relations for Her Campus UCSB and had the opportunity to have a filmed interview with her favorite band, Hyper Crush, on behalf of Her Campus. Her drive, passion and dedication make her eager to face new challenges and work her way up to becoming a great publicist!
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