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Yassi’s Diet Blog–Dukan Diet Week #3

Wow! We are on week 3 already!? I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying those yummy vegetables. The amount of time you spend on phase 2 will vary amongst everyone, so I will be providing you with some recipes for the next couple weeks. These are super easy ones I have put together, but you can find some online with some research of your own. Get creative with your favorite foods in the diet and come up with recipes of your own, too. Share them below as a comment because we all love to have a variety of choices!
Cheesy Tomatoes
1 Tomato
1 Wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese
- Slice the tomato and set the slices flat on a plate.
- Take the wedge of cheese and, using a small knife, put some on each slice of tomato.
I like to have this for a quick, on-the-go breakfast when I don’t have time to make eggs.

Oat Bran Dessert
2 Tablespoons of Oat Bran
½ Cup of Fat-Free Vanilla Yogurt

- Fill your bowl/cup with vanilla yogurt.
- Pour in your oat bran as a whole or crushed (if it is in cereal form).
- Mix it all together.
Although the Dukan Diet does not recommend sugar, with my personal experience, I found it okay to have vanilla yogurt as long as it is fat-free. It makes a delicious dessert after dinner and it is a great way to have your oat bran intake for the day.
Frozen Yogurt Snack
Fat-Free Plain Frozen Yogurt (from Menchies, Pinkberry, etc.)
- Fill your bowl with as much frozen yogurt as you want (remember, all the permitted foods are UNLIMITED!)
- Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon on your yogurt.
- Mix it all together.

An issue I faced when I started out was I did not know what I would eat when I was out with my friends. It was so difficult watching them eat my favorites foods, knowing I could not break my commitment. Frozen yogurt became my savior. These days you can find frozen yogurt in almost every shopping center. I was really tempted in choosing from all the toppings they had, but the only one that would not go against Mr. Dukan’s rules was cinnamon! Unfortunately, to my experience the only place that carries it as a topping is Menchies. You will be amazed at how great and refreshing it tastes. Once your friend finishes their burger and fries, you will be so satisfied from the frozen yogurt and so glad you did not just consume all those carbs.
At this point in the diet, I had realized that those cravings are only temporary. The looks of that burger and fries are deceiving and most definitely looks and smells better than it tastes. I realized that I only wanted to eat those fattening foods when I was hungry and aware that I could not break my diet. Upon my satisfaction from the healthier alternative, I felt better in all aspects than I would have if I had given in to the temptation.

Whether or not you have broken your commitment to the Dukan Diet thus far, next time you are faced with these two choices really think about what decision you are about to make. Is your temporary temptation (which is probably the same amount of calories you will eat in a full day) worth slowing down your hard worked progress? There actually isn’t much to think about because the answer is obviously, NO!
By giving your initial interest and/or commitment to the Dukan Diet, it already shows how goal-oriented you all are! You can fight through the diabolical temptations. I saw this quote once and it is something to live by: “Eat to live; do not live to eat.
Keep on going Dukan babies!
xoxo Yassi

Yassi transfered to UCSB in Fall 2011 and is earning her Bachelor's in English. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she has always had a passion for public relations and writing. With an amazing experience working as an intern for a big PR firm in LA, she became inspired to ultimately become a publicist. She is the Campus Correspondent and Head of Public Relations for Her Campus UCSB and had the opportunity to have a filmed interview with her favorite band, Hyper Crush, on behalf of Her Campus. Her drive, passion and dedication make her eager to face new challenges and work her way up to becoming a great publicist!
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