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Women of Color Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

Between Black Friday deals and holiday gift lists, we are all doing a little extra online shopping right now. The good news is you can be mindful and put your money towards some incredible businesses, making a real difference with your support. Here’s a list of five companies for gift ideas that are owned and operated by women of color. 

The Honey Pot Company: Bea Dixon’s Feminine Care Line

Anyone with a vagina knows that shopping for feminine care products can be exhausting. They’re too expensive, and oftentimes filled with hard-to-pronounce ingredients that sound like they don’t belong in our bodies. Bea Dixon wanted to change this, and her line of pads, tampons, cleansers, and more are exactly what we needed. For a gift for someone you’re really close to, check out The Honey Pot’s bath bombs, refreshing sprays, and on-the-go pad and tampon cases. These gifts will show your friends that you’re really thinking about them this holiday season, vagina included.

The Lip Bar: Melissa Butler’s Makeup Line

The Lip Bar is a beauty line made for all skin tones and it is vegan and cruelty free too! There are great gift options on their website, including lip kits, makeup tools, and eyeshadow palettes. Any beauty lover in your life would be so excited to receive a product from a brand with a great message, and best of all the products are relatively affordable! They also have a super helpful virtual try-on feature on their website, where you can click different products and see how they match up to your skin tone.

Cadence Candle Co.: Taelor Salmon’s Wellness Candles

The candles on this website are minimalist and would fit any room aesthetic perfectly. The scents, named to inspire, are designed to create positive energy and serve as therapeutic self-care. The best part? Each candle has a curated Spotify playlist to go along with it, so you can burn your candle and relax with music in the background! These candles (and playlists) would make the best gifts for anyone in your life who appreciates the finer things and needs a moment of self-care. 

Brooklyn Tea: Jamila’s and Alfonso’s Tea Company

For the tea lover in your life, check out Brooklyn Tea! They have incredible flavors along with gift box sets that would be such an exciting gift to receive. They also sell teaware like steeping mugs and matcha-making kits. Most importantly, they focus on the cultural aspect of tea, and their blog boasts tons of fascinating articles on different strains and flavors of tea, explaining their history and cultural significance. 

Bella Doña: LaLa Romero’s and Natalie Durazo’s Fashion Line

This brand has it all: loungewear, home decor, jewelry, accessories, you name it! My personal favorite gift ideas are the fuzzy heart dice for car decor, a trendy hoodie, and the oversized tee-shirts. For the young and on-trend friends in your life, this brand has some incredible options for gift-giving, and you would be supporting two awesome Latinx women in the process!

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Sydney is a Communication and Feminist Studies double major and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She's a Petaluma, California native, the egg capital of the world! When she's not writing, you can find her pole dancing, playing with cats, and listening to true crime podcasts.
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