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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? We complain about how boring life is, and how we never meet new people or have new experiences. Risks are terrifying and we are all scared of failure. It’s important to break out of this dangerous cycle and take chances in order to jumpstart your life for the better. The higher the risk the higher the reward. Here are some reasons taking chances can improve your life for the better!

1. Meeting New People

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Breaking out of your comfort zone can be pretty scary. However, by taking risks you have the opportunity to meet new people—friends, romantic interests, or social connections—who can help you improve and become a better version of yourself. These encounters can lead to a support group that would never exist if you had never taken a chance! You never know who you’ll meet and the impact that they may have on your life.

2. New Experiences

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Taking chances can also lead to new experiences. New experiences help shape the type of person you become. Everyone is scared of change, but the rewards outweigh the initial discomfort. By taking risks, no matter how small, you will experience something new, whether it’s a failure or success. Failures can turn into learning experiences, and another opportunity for growth.

3. Future Career

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Taking risks can help you jumpstart your future career. Some of the greatest decisions in life have resulted from taking risks or taking chances. These risks lead to new social connections that help you establish your career and find your true calling.

4. Living Without Regret

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We only have one life and no one wants to live that life with regret. When faced with a decision you might fear failure but the feeling of not knowing will always be a lingering question. Take chances to see the outcome of that decision and bask in your success or grow from your mistakes.

Taking chances and risks can be like a roller coaster of adventures with ups and downs, but the suspense that comes with taking a risk is what makes life interesting. Get started and take chances to better your life! You never know what the outcome might be.  

Shannie Kuo is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has a degree in English. Her passions include health, fitness, photography, and food and she always strives to look for balance within her life. She enjoys going to the farmers market, discovering new coffee shops, and meeting new people. She hopes to find a career that will reflect her passions and allow her to connect with people nationwide.
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