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Why Waking Up Early Leads You to Success

We all love a good nights rest, especially if it means sleeping in the next morning. That feeling of “Ah, I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow” that we tell ourselves as we’re getting into bed. However, what if I were to tell you that the most successful people start their morning before 6 a.m! Yup, the key to success can sometimes be facing the horrific reality of waking up early. So get ready to make your coffee in the morning because it’s going to be a long productive day.

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It Enhances Your Productivity 

One of the perks of waking up early is that you get a head start on the day. This can help people who struggle or feel like they don’t have enough time in a single day to complete their tasks. One can get a lot more done throughout the day and even take on extra tasks if you are awake for more hours of the day. For instance, there can be more time to go to the gym, read your favorite novels, start a new hobby or even create your own business. The list is unlimited to what one can do when more time is added to their day.

Checking everything off your to-do list can be such a satisfying feeling that it might enable one to find more things to do. It keeps one wanting to stay busy while being able to enjoy the day stress free. Having more time in the day also creates room for one to stay more organized and establish a healthy routine. You now have time for breakfast, or maybe even a morning run and before you know it this will be the start to your new everyday routine!

Waking up early can also bring excitement towards completing your to do list of the day, and leave you with wanting to do more. It is that feeling of accomplishment followed by “what can I do now?” It almost makes you more ambitious to go out and do more or even just helps you get through those longer days.

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Confidence Levels Rise 

Have you ever felt like your life was falling apart and there was no organization to the big mess around you? Well, people’s confidence levels seem to drop when they feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they need to conquer. This is where waking up early can step in and help you feel more confident about yourself and your successes. When we feel like we have control over our life, we tend to feel more positive and satisfied with ourselves. This satisfaction creates self positivity and leads one to begin to tell themselves, “hey maybe I am doing something right with my life”.

This ties back to the idea of being organized. Organization can create such a powerful feeling of satisfaction and confidence in your productivity. Let’s say you wake up late one day and you’re in a hurry. You don’t make your bed and your desk is a mess from you scrambling to get yourself together and you head out the door to begin your day. Then you return home from your long day out hoping to relax, but soon realize your room is a mess and suddenly you feel discouraged. On the other hand, if one wakes up early there is no need to rush, everything is nice and tidy, and maybe even your bed is made! Now you can go out and conquer your day feeling at ease with yourself that you have everything under control.

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However, don’t feel demoralized if you fail to wake up early everyday. It can be a tough adjustment especially for those who value their sleep. Start off small! This can mean setting your alarm an hour earlier every week until you reach that perfect morning hour that makes you most productive. Or try practicing time management beforehand to schedule out your following day. The ultimate goal here is to incorporate the technique of waking up early that leads you to become a more confident, productive and successful individual!


Karen is a first year at UCSB, pursuing a B.S in Psychological Brain Sciences. She is originally from Los Angeles and enjoys trying new food, taking adventures and taking pictures!
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