Why Thanksgiving Food is Overrated

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and for most of us that means getting to go home, spend time with loved ones, eat home cooked meals, and just relax for a few days without having to worry about anything, unless you’re me who has a paper due the day class resumes.

While I am excited to be doing all of those things, what I am not excited for is Thanksgiving food. You know, the mashed potatoes, the turkey, the stuffing, the pie, and all those other side dishes. I actually despise Thanksgiving food, and yes, I am aware of how unpopular my opinion is, but hear me out.

The Turkey

I have nothing wrong with turkey, but what I have an issue with is the way it’s cooked. Seriously, I have never met anyone that actually knows how to properly cook a turkey without it coming out totally dry. Some years it turns out better than others, but most of the time it’s dry and just not very flavorful. I would much rather have chicken, fish, or steak instead.

The Mashed Potatoes

Okay, I love potatoes, but just not in this form. Give me roasted potatoes, french fries, baked potatoes, really any other form of potato. It is just a big pile of mush on your plate, that most of the time you have to either heavily salt or drown in gravy to make it taste good.

The Stuffing

Okay, first off the name? Stuffing is just a completely inedible word. This is just a big concoction of mostly bread and celery it seems like. This isn’t horrible, but why would I want to eat loads of this? I would prefer to just eat a loaf of bread instead.

The Cornbread

Yet another dry item added to the menu. Cornbread always has the potential to be good, and yet every time it seems to be a dry, crumbly mess. Again I say, I would rather just have normal bread.

The Pie

Pie. Is. Not. A. Worthy. Dessert. Pie is just a sad excuse for a dessert, and you always end up with so much leftover pie because no one really wants it, and what they do take usually ends up sitting half eaten at the table by the end of the night. It is a soggy, poorly crusted piece of blah. I don’t care if it’s apple, blackberry, pumpkin, boysenberry, or even chocolate pie, it’s all mediocre.

Maybe I am just picky, and I definitely don’t like when my foods all jumble together on my plate, which is what Thanksgiving really is about it seems like. But, I would much rather eat almost anything else than have a Thanksgiving dinner, along with the obligatory 5 days of leftovers. But hey, maybe that’s just me.


Happy Thanksgiving, Gauchos!