Why it's Okay to Move on Shortly After a Breakup

Breakups are messy. After a breakup, you may be left with many questions and many tissues. Breakups are inevitable, they happen to everyone. And while almost everyone is open to talking about their breakup, no one really talks about when it is okay to move on. My guy friends tell me to wait a month for both my sake and the guy's sake. However, my girlfriends tell me to move on when I am ready. Both of these answers do not help my case. Regardless, if you are the dumpee or the dumper, you are left with the underlying question: is it okay to move on? Of course, every situation is different, however, the best way to move on after a breakup is to actually move on with somebody.

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Why does no one talk about moving on?

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Often, collegiates do not talk about when would be the perfect time to move on. We do not talk about it because we get judged if we move on too shortly after a breakup! Sometimes, it just happens naturally. However, the whole “it happened naturally” just doesn't cut it for the outsiders. For instance, the outsiders, such as family, his friends, or just people on your Snapchat, will ask you, “What happened to ‘X’?” “Who is that new guy on your story?” or “Don’t you think you moved on too fast?” Thus, to avoid these questions or remarks, one chooses to put their life on hold so that others can recover from the breakup. Also, one chooses not to talk about their new date for the sake of others. Collegiates, I am here to tell you that it is okay to move on shortly after a breakup! Do not listen to others' remarks. Do what makes you happy because this is your life!

What makes it okay to move on?

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It is totally okay to move on shortly after a breakup. Often, in order to get over a breakup, we need to get back in the dating game. It does not make you an awful person for moving on with your life. Rather, it shows the control you have over your life. By the great words of JoJo in her song Leave, why waste your time crying about “something that just wouldn’t last"? And why not spend your time getting ready and going on amazing dates? Your past relationship does not define your character, and the comments or remarks said by others do not reflect who you are as a person. Therefore, post what you want: post the nice dates, post the nice outfit, and post that amazing smile of yours. Be happy, let it go, and move on!