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Why it’s Okay to Change Your Major Late

As a transfer student who came to UCSB as a junior, in a completely different major than I currently am right now, I know what it’s like to feel like your whole life is crashing around you when you feel like you’re not going the direction you want to in life. In making my decision, it was most important for me that I pursue a major that I could really see myself prospering in; something that made me feel more like me. I felt a huge weight lifting off of me because I was now learning something I actually enjoyed.    

Most students change their major at least once throughout their college careers’ and, with the exception of a lucky few, many students often struggle to decide on one that really speaks to them. A lot of students understand the stress of realizing that their current major isn’t really right for them and having to decide if it’s right to change it or not.

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As we all know, college is expensive and this is probably one of the main reasons that students decide to stick with a major that they really have no love for any longer. Along with this, time is of the essence; no one wants to spend extra time in school after all their friends have graduated. Though this may be true, it will be much more fulfilling for yourself if you listen to your heart and do what’s necessary for you instead of continuing to waste money and time on an education that you have no interest in with no idea how you’ll use it.

Start by weighing your options, think about your specific situation, and be sure this is what you really want. What is it about your current major you do not enjoy? What major would you like to pursue instead? Where would you like to go with this major? What career do you want to get into? Is it possible given your individual circumstances? Make use of the schools’ resources and ask questions. Figure out what you want to do and how to go about it realistically.

Depending on your situation, changing you major is a really big commitment but once you do so and if you really stick to your goals, in the long run, you will feel much better about it.

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