Why I was Hesitant about Choosing UCSB

“ You know UCSB is a Party School” “But Jasmine you don’t drink” “Wait, Jasmine, you don’t party”. I did not receive congratulations on my acceptance to UCSB instead I was hit with stereotype comments that made me feel less than. Meanwhile, someone who got accepted to UCLA or UC Berkeley had their face on the wall of fame or their name shouted out in the intercom. I get it, those schools are name brand, meanwhile, UCSB is known just for being a party school. I am pretty sure all of the collegiates have heard thee stereotypes before, but let me tell you all why I chose UCSB, the school I now call home.


Image via A New Record

I remember the day it was time for me to SIR. My decision was between UCSB or UCSD. Granted I loved San Diego, but my first visit to the school was not pleasant. Then I visited UCSB and all those stereotypes and rude comments just disappeared. My tour guide was so nice and she showed us all the amazing places UCSB had to offer. At first, I was hesitant to like the school because of all the rude comments and stereotypes, but then I saw something that I never saw on any other college campus, people SMILING. Yes, everyone was waving, saying “hi” and smiling. I definitely did not see anyone smile at UCSD and not even at UCLA. So I SIR’d at UCSB.

Image via UCSB

Why I chose UCSB? Well there were many reasons for that. For starters, the people here are so nice and are willing to help. I have not met a single person here who was not willing to help me. Second, did you know our school has six Nobel laureates? Well, we do. In fact, UCSB s filled with incredibly intelligent people, who will not only prosper and thrive in life but hopefully change the world for the better. I chose UCSB because I saw myself thriving here, I saw myself getting involved and making changes that would better communities. Also four months prior UCSB was in my radar, it was the multiple advisors coming to my high school to talk about the campus, to me getting so many kind postcards from UCSB, that I felt a sense of community that I did not feel at any other campus. Granted, my first year at UCSB was a bit rocky and made me have those “transfer thoughts.” But as a second year, I can lay those thoughts to rest and continue to thrive at UCSB.

If I am being honest I never felt that I chose UCSB, but instead, UCSB chose me.

image via UCSB