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Why a Girls Night In is the Best Thing Ever

1. No need to get ready.

What more of a reason do you need?! No need for a bra, cute clothes, or makeup.

2. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Who knows how to make you laugh better than your girls? No one. It is the perfect opportunity to relax, be yourself, have some great laughs, and not stress over which boy to dance with. Spending the night with your girls leaves no room for regrets.


3. You can gossip…freely.

We all do it, so why not openly gossip in the comfort of your own home? It’s the perfect time to catch up with your girlfriends and get some juicy details you’ve been waiting to hear!

4. You can drink as much as you need/want.

It’s all right to get bloated!!! Finally, there’s no shame in getting that little tummy after you take a few shots or chug a beer.

5. You can pull out those kick-butt dance moves.

You know you’ve got them. Thank god your girlfriends will appreciate them. 

6. There’s no long walk home.

You’re already home. You don’t have to be the party pooper who wants to head home early because you’re already there! How magnificent. 

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