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Why Fenty Beauty is Important for Diversity

Rihanna has girls (and boys) of all skin tones covered with her revolutionary Fenty Beauty makeup brand which includes a full range of foundation, cream skin sticks, and highlighters in various shades. Boasting an impressive spectrum of 40 different foundation colors, every skin tone under the rainbow has found itself included. With this new launch, many discussions have been brought up about the beauty industry’s standards when it comes to diverse shade ranges and representation in ad campaigns. 

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Rihanna is quoted saying, “There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between.” This comes as a welcomed departure from other beauty brands who mainly cater to fair complexions and would traditionally only offer 2-3 dark/deep shades. Fenty Beauty is disrupting the status quo of the beauty industry by making inclusivity and diversity one of their top priorities. Where the beauty industry has largely ignored their needs, Rihanna has made sure people of color can enjoy her makeup line to the fullest extent. This is proven by the fact that many of the deep shades were sold out at Sephora stores during the first weeks they were on shelves. 

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Even in the marketing campaigns, Rihanna made sure to have an assorted group of models representing her brand such as the beautiful deep skinned South Sudanese model Duckie Thot and hijabi-wearing fashion model Halima Aden. This opens many doors for many women and young girls to see that their skin tones and ethnic backgrounds are represented, visible, and beautiful. 

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The products within Rihanna’s range are suitable for any makeup wearer, whether it be someone who prefers a “no makeup” makeup look or the girl rocking a fully beat face. The Gloss Bomb in the line is the perfect easy lip for the girl on the go. The Killawatt Free Style Highlighters will have your cheekbones glowing with that blinding highlight trend that’s become ever so popular in the beauty community.

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We can’t wait to try some of RiRi’s products and applaud her for launching such an inclusive brand, or, in internet beauty lingo, “She did that!”


Leah is a 3rd year student attending the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a double major in Communication and Sociology. When she's not tagging her friends in memes, she enjoys watching YouTube makeup gurus and attending music festivals (when she can afford them). She hopes to pursue a career in the field of social marketing and/or public relations. Follow her on Instagram at @itsleaah!
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